Quick Question: How do you beat Zoodiacs?

19.03.2017 | 14:20 |

Zoodiacs are everywhere. Hardly any Deck can forgo the engine, that’s how powerful it is. Still, Duelists found ways and means to beat the Deck or at least give them the edge in the mirror match. Here’s what they came up with for YCS Prague.




How do you beat Zoodiacs?
Marcel: I beat Zoo by Summoning Invoked Raidjin and Clear Wing Synchro Dragon and set two backrow cards. When I go first I have a 70 – 80% chance of building this field. Winning the dice roll is crucial! When I go second I have to draw into Maxx "C" and Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit in my opening 5.




How do you beat Zoodiacs?
Mike: I want to go first and put Beatrice, the Eternal Lady to the field. By sending Farfa, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss or Fairy Tail - Snow to the grave I gain option to interrupt their plays. I also run the Zoo engine as well as it gives me even more options in building my field. When going second I need to draw into a handtrap to stop their plays.




How do you beat Zoodiacs?
Connor: I played Masked Hero for this event. I usually beat them by Summoning Masked HERO Dark Law and Toadally Awesome is an additional protection. And when they try to into a Rank 3 play Masked HERO Dark Law effect triggers and steals one card from their hand. When I go second I hope to stop my opponent with Maxx "C".




How do you beat Zoodiacs?
Sam: I was running Wind Witch for Prague. When I go first I go into the wind witch combo to either end up with Clear Wing Synchro Dragon or Invoked Raidjin. Sometimes I can get them both on the field which is usually autowin. If I end with one of the two I also have traps for additional protection like Storming Mirror Force which put in a lot of work today. Going second I run 4 handtraps and I hope to open with one of them. Usually I’m not playing into their backrow. I rather set my backrows and let them play into it. This way the match turns into a grind game which is in my favour.