Quick Question: What Deck will win this weekend?

29.10.2016 | 11:40 |
As this is the first YCS on European soil after the release of the latest Forbidden & Limited List we were curious to find out which Deck is going to win this event. Which Deck has the highest chances of winning YCS Liverpool? Read on to find out!


QQ Deck1


What Deck will win this weekend?
Steven: ABC – it is too consistent to not win this event. I stuck with Lightsworn for this event, because it’s prettier. I like the card design and the engine itself. My goal for today is not to lose all my games *laughs*.


QQ Deck2


What Deck will win this weekend?
Michael: I want to say ABC, but they are heavily sided against. It really depends whether they go first or second. Union Hangar is too good of a card. Other than that I would be my money Majespector with Ties of the Brethren.


QQ Deck3


What Deck will win this weekend?
Lewis: Uh, hopefully Blue Eyes or ABC because these are my favourite Decks right now. I decided to run Graydles – I just love the style of the Deck and the way it runs. I got Side Deck stuff aginst both of these Decks, but I feel not very well prepared for the Match-Up.


QQ Deck4


What Deck will win this weekend?
Simon: I guess it will be ABC, because it’s the most played Deck today and it has a great Match-Up against most other Decks. I decided to run a different Deck that’s more fun to me. The only weakness of ABC is not having the field spell early enough, then they have to rely on their Normal Summon.


QQ Deck5


What Deck will win this weekend?
Alpay: I have to say Lightsworn. It’s the fastest Deck at the moment and it can build PSY-Framelord Omega real quick. It also has the best card in the format live really quick Fairy Tail - Snow. It is also very versatile. You can play aggressive as well as passive if you don’t have the cards you need to otk.


QQ Deck6


What Deck will win this weekend?
Tom: I hope it will be mine – Paleozoics, but I think it will be ABC. It is the most consistent Deck at the moment. I love to play off Decks for a long time now and I keep on doing this.