Quick Question: What deck will win this weekend?

18.03.2017 | 12:05 |
YCS Prague is the first big tournament on European soil. We already witnessed the impact of Zoodiac at YCS Seattle and YCS Atlanta. Is Europe going to be different? Are we seeing a change in the metagame? We will find out after this event! Read on to find out what Duelists here in Prague are currently thinking.




What Deck will win this weekend?
Maximilian: I guess it will be some kind of Zoodiac Deck. I think it is going to be some Kaiju version, because I feel like it’s the best build. The pluses are just incredible.




What Deck will win this weekend?
Leo: My guess is Zoodiacs with Metalfoes. Baobaboon was just released lately and it is a very strong addition to the Deck. He makes the Deck even more consistent than it already was.




What Deck will win this weekend?
Sebastian: Invoked Wind Witch, I feel like it has a great Match-Up against Zoodiacs. Artifact Scythe shuts down their plays on its own. The Extra Deck is very flexible and due to the Fusion spell I’m not so dependent on my own hand.




What Deck will win this weekend?
Alexander: I’m going with Infernoid Zoo. I feel like it’s the most consistent Deck at the moment and it has more options than the regular zoo build. That Grass Looks Greener makes all the difference and [fairytale] is the winning option alone against Paleozoics.




What Deck will win this weekend?
Marko: Zoodiac – I think the pure Kaiju build has the best chances of winning the whole thing. It is very consistent and board wipes are very important this format. Kaiju Slumber is basically what every Deck needs.