Quick Question: What Deck will win YCS Milan 2018?

08.12.2018 | 11:30 |
The one question I’m sure everybody has thought about going into this event is: Which Deck will win the last event of 2018? The new Forbidden & Limited List took care of some of the most problematic cards in the current metagame. But when talking to some Duelists here in Milan I got the impression that it only solved some of the current issues.




What Deck will win YCS Milan 2018?
Luigi: It’s my first YCS, I’m a bit nervous. I think it is going to Sky Striker! I guess it will be the most represented Deck here today and I feel like it is the most consistent Deck going into this event. This is my 1st YCS and I’m already a little bit nervous. I’m afraid I might meet an FTK Deck. Those are really annoying.




What Deck will win YCS Milan 2018?
Fabio: I’m running Sky Striker for YCS Milan and I feel like it is the best Deck to enter a long event like this. It is my most favorite Deck and I feel like it is simple and consistent enough to be piloted through a 17 Rounds tournament.




What Deck will win YCS Milan 2018?
Samuele: I think it will be Sky Striker, It is the best and most consistent Deck currently. Myself, I run Paleo Frog! It is the Deck that I feel most comfortable with so it is the choice for me.




What Deck will win YCS Milan 2018?
Luca: Sky Striker – it’s the most the consistent Deck currently. It is very strong in the whole metagame and has good match- ups against the other Decks. My most favorite Deck is ABC. Now with A at three again it should even be stronger, but I didn’t have enough time to playtest the Deck, so I stayed with Sky Striker.




What Deck will win YCS Milan 2018?
Rene: My guess is a FTK or OTK Deck, some version of Danger! Even though we had a new lost, I feel like Danger! didn’t get hit as much as it should have. The draw engine is still there, and the Deck can establish a field that is hard to break. I assume that some players came up with a way to replace Firewall Dragon.