Quick Question: What Deck will win YCS Prague 2017 Vol. 2?

25.11.2017 | 11:15 |

The latest Forbidden & Limited List tried to slow down the most dominant Deck of the current format: SPYRAL. The Deck took almost a year to pave its way to glory, but with the start of the Link format the Deck really took off. Until YCS London they were the most dominant force in the current metagame. Did the list put in some work? Here’s what Duelists at YCS Prague Vol. 2 think!




Which Deck will win YCS Prague 2017 Vol. 2?
Simon: I guess it will be SPYRAL, because it will be the most played Deck. Even though I don’t like the Deck at all. It is far too repetitive. The Decks does very similar plays every time and trying to get into Double-Helix as quickly as possible. I decided to go with True Draco as it has a lot of draw cards and with Evenly Matched it can find back into the game.




Which Deck will win YCS Prague 2017 Vol. 2?
Marco: I’m not really familiar with the current format. I’m ver busy with university right now and couldn’t invest in a lot of time into preparation. I would go with SPYRAL, because it is the most played Deck. I will run HERO for YCS Prague, because I have it in high rarity and I like to see my opponents faces when they have to deal with Masked HERO Dark Law.




Which Deck will win YCS Prague 2017 Vol. 2?
Stoman: I feel like SPYRAL is still the best the at the moment. Trickstar are very good as well, but I’m not sure if it can keep up. I decided to run the Deck, because it is the second best Deck. It has a good matchup against the SPYRAL due to being very versatile. It can go first and second, so I’m not as much depended on the die roll. The handtraps are a crucial part to the Deck and Evenly Matched can break fields consistently. The strength of Trickstar is to run a lot of tech cards.

Samy: The finals will be Trickstar versus SPYRAL. Trickstar can take keycards of the opponent due to Trickstar Reincarnation. The core engine of Trickstar is very small and you can use a lot of tech cards and handtraps making the Deck very versatile and able to adapt to different metagames. The only thing is if SPYRAL has more than 2 cards to get them into the game. Then I can’t handle it anymore. Droll & Lock Bird is equal to a game stopper.




Which Deck will win YCS Prague 2017 Vol. 2?
Adam: SPYRAL – I feel it is the best Deck at the moment. It has it flaws as well: it is very vulnerable to handtraps. Even though they are dead sometimes, in the current format you need to run them.