Quick Question: What do think about the new Link Monsters?

27.08.2017 | 10:30 |

In order to take part in the WCQ: European Championship 2017 players needed to earn an invite. Qualifications tournaments were held throughout the whole season with Nationals being the highlight. We asked a few players here in Utrecht how they qualified for the Main Event.




What do think about the new Link Monsters?
Ciro: I think it is great mechanic, because it stops the XYZ and Synchro Spam. It opens up the game to a completely new format and a new style to play. I feel like the game got more strategic and the changes helped get out of its rigidness.




What do think about the new Link Monsters?
Andrea: I like the mechanic, but I’m also still waiting for the right cards to actually make it competitive. It is a nice addition to the game. It’s somehow like the Synchro engine without the need for a tuner. For the first time in Yu-Gi-Oh! history you have to mind about the positioning of the monsters on the field. Upcoming cards will make use of the zones the cards are put into. It adds more tactics to the game.


Jonas & Florian


What do think about the new Link Monsters?
Jonas & Florian: When we first saw the cards we thought the game was going to be a lot slower, but in reality, it is almost like before. There are the matching link monsters for each engine or archetype and until now the game plays like before the changes. On the other hand it is something new and we like changes. For the first time, the positioning of the cards on the field is important. That was irrelevant until lately. Even though these are only small changes, but we feel like it’s these small things that sets the good players apart from the rest. The game is getting more and more difficult and it might get too hard for new players to understand and get into the game.


London guys


What do think about the new Link Monsters?
Sean & Leon & Sam & Abid & Muhtasim: We really like the new changes, because it slowed the game down. Initially there might be some trouble, because a lot of the old Decks can’t be played anymore. That might hurt some people and make them shy away from the game.
We also feel like you have to think a bit more in terms of sequencing of combos and positioning of cards. Link Summoning is an easier form of Synchro Summoning and I feel like some of those older cards got way to powerful. Regarding Pendulum it was necessary to put a hold on the engine. Unlimited resources are never good for any game and they needed to get slowed down.