Quick Question: Where have you come from to play in the YCS, and why?

15.01.2017 | 11:24 |
YCS Sydney is a big deal, since it’s the only Australian YCS each year. Because of this, Duelists from far and wide converge on Sydney each year for the ultimate Dueling experience! We asked some Duelists “Where have you come from to play in the YCS, and why did you come to the event?”


QQ Finlay
Finlay: "I've come to the YCS from Melbourne. I came to the YCS because I wanted to play in another big Australian Yu-Gi-Oh! event!"


Renee: "I'm from Brisbane, and I've been to all 3 previous YCS events! I love coming to these events even though I only play casually. It's a great reason to have a holiday!"


QQ Luke
Luke: "I came to the YCS from Melbourne. The YCS lets me have a great weekend away from home!"


Sean:  "I'm from Sydney, so it was close for me. I've been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! for a year with friends so I thought I'd come down to the YCS as well!"


Melanney: "I'm from Blacktown, near Sydney. I decided to come to the YCS because a friend of mine from Queensland was also coming to the event."


QQ Daniel
Daniel: "I came here from Melbourne with my friends. It's my second YCS event and I wanted to get into the Top 32 like I did last time. It wasn't meant to be this year though, maybe next time!"


Ben: "I'm from Melbourne, and since a lot of my friends came to the event, I thought it would be good to come too!"


While we spoke to a lot of players from Melbourne and Sydney, there are Duelists from all over the world here at this event! As always, YCS events attract Yu-Gi-Oh! players from all around!