Quick Question: Which Deck will win YCS Rimini 2017?

26.08.2017 | 11:30 |

New Rulings, a new playing field and new Extra Deck monsters. Everything indicates that we might have a new metagame for YCS Rimini. But is that really true? Here are the thoughts of Duelists taking part in YCS Rimini!




Which Deck will win YCS Rimini 2017?
Alessandro: Pure Zoo, the Deck is a little bit slower, but I feel like it is still the most powerful Deck. Due to its consistency it can hardly brick. Every hand you draw is playable. Compared to that, True Draco bricks a lot more often. That’s why I go with Zoo. Finally, I want to give shoutouts to Gang del Bosco and Alessandro Piatto.




Which Deck will win YCS Rimini 2017?
Maicol: I guess Zoo or True Draco have the best chances of winning, but maybe something innovative pops up and catches Duelists off guard. I hope very much that a Deck other than the big 2 will make a strong showing. I just came back to the game after pausing for almost 5 years. I tried other card games in the meantime, but I had to find out that the competition and Deck building suits me best at Yu-Gi-Oh!. I also enjoy the events and the orgnaization the most. Konami does a great job in hosting events.




Which Deck will win YCS Rimini 2017?
Moritz: I hope it’s going to be True Draco Zoo, because I decided to go with the Deck for this event. The Deck is a lot better than the stand-alone versions of Zoo or True Draco. Both engines provide huge synergies. Dragonic Diagram and Zoodiac Ramram can do a lot of shenanigans on their own. Master Pendulum, the Dracoslayer is hard to handle for all the current Decks. Pure True Draco has more pluses but most of them are useless. I feel like Zoo is far to linear compared to True Draco.




Which Deck will win YCS Rimini 2017?
Michael: I’m afraid that Zoodiac will win again. I don’t like stale metagames like this. I’d rather like a diverse format like we had the years before when Qliphort and Nekroz were popular. Even with the new Link Rulings, Zoodiac is still the best Deck amongst the old archetypes. The Deck is able to establish the best field with only one or two cards. And of course it is a matter of statistics, since most of the good players are still relying on it.



Which Deck will win YCS Rimini 2017?
Max: If I had to make a guess I would say Pure Zoo. It has more lenience in the amount of tech cards it can play. Compared to True Draco it is the more versatile Deck. My Deck consists of engines and I don’t have a lot of room for tech cards. I have 5 card slots open for tech cards and that is not a lot.