Quick Questions: How did you get here?

28.02.2015 | 17:52 |

YCS Prague is the first YCS in a former eastern European country. We think this is a strong sign of the European community growing even closer. How did the players get here? Find out!

Question for you at home: How do you normally travel to a YCS?
By Car
6 Vote
By Train
8 Vote
By Plane
12 Vote




How did you get here?
Leonard: I’m from Magdeburg in Germany and we came here by car. It took around 3,5 hours to get here and it was a smooth ride on the highway.




How did you get here?
Jonathan: I’m from the Netherlands and I took a plane. I had to change in Vienna, but all in all everything went fine for me. Unfortunately I wasn’t very lucky at the event and already dropped out of the main event.




How did you get here?
Hans: Me and a friend of drove here by car. We are a group of 6 people and it took us approximately 5,5 hours from Linz to get here.




How did you get here?
Hong & Tanduc: We shared a car to save gas. It took as 4 hours to get here. There is a highway from Munich leading here, so it was really easy to get to Prague.




How did you get here?
Rene: Me and some friends of mine took a coach from Nürnberg. It was a comfortable ride. Too bad I missed the last round and had to concede. My record was pretty good so far.