Quick Questions: How do you like the current format?

30.06.2019 | 13:59 |
We haven’t had a new Forbidden & Limited List in quite a while and the format seems solved. There are four different Decks in the current meta that all have a chance of winning. In fact all of them already won bigger events. Here’s what Duelists at the WCQ in Utrecht think about the current format.


Bastian & Kevin


How do you like the current format?
Bastian: Pretty good, actually! There is a huge variance in Decks and I like that. I feel like that it’s a lot better than the Gouki Tier 0 format where you had to run like 15 handtraps in order to keep up.
Kevin: I think there are cards that could be addressed like banning Mermaid and putting Mine and Colossus to 1. Those three hits would bring down the ceiling of the top tier Decks. Other than that it is pretty ok. Oh, Multirole should be banned as well, the card is just ridiculous.


Vincent & Julien


How do you like the current format?
Vincent: I just got wrecked by the current format! I’m running Sky Striker and lost to Imperial Order. But honestly, I feel like the format is ok in general, there are only a few cards that are too broken. For example, the Danger! cards are overpowered. Mystic Mine is op as well, but I need for my Deck.
Julien: It’s ok, but I agree with Vincent that there are a few cards in the meta that are too good. Imperial Order for example! I can’t out the card. The Danger! monsters are broken as well, because there are so many of them. Salamangreat, with its searchable negate is really strong.




How do you like the current format?
Kevin : It’s a four Deck format and I like that. I would like to see even more Decks being playable in the current metagame. I’m happy that Crusadia Guardragon is viable again. I feel like Gazelle and Collossus are currently too strong. In my opinion both Duelists should have a chance to play the game and not get locked down by a single card.