Quick Questions: How do you like the new Forbidden & Limited List?

26.10.2019 | 17:44 |
Right after YCS Ghent a new Forbidden & Limited List was released. We haven’t had a big event since and it is still unsure which effect the list will have an the current metagame. Will there be a new top Deck? Will the reigning Decks finally fall behind, and make way for new Decks? Here’s what Duelists of YCS London think about the new list.




How do you like the new Forbidden & Limited List?
Kyle: I think the current list has solved some of the previous problems, but basically the meta is still the same. There are still the same Decks around and I wish they had hit Sky Striker a lot more. I want to see the Deck gone forever.




How do you like the new Forbidden & Limited List?
Matei: Well, I used to play Orcust Thunder during the previous list. At first, I kind of hated it, because I felt like it destroyed my Deck. But then, I realized that it helped balance the format. The format did get a little better, because you cannot splash Orcust into any Deck anymore.


Joshua & Dan


How do you like the new Forbidden & Limited List?
Joshua: Actually, I was quite surprised by the new list. Thunder Dragons need to get hit and they should have get it. It has been a Deck for a year now and I think it’s time to go. All the Decks like Altergeist have been hit, but Thunder Dragons didn’t. That doesn’t make any sense to me. I also feel like Warning could come back to three again.
Dan: Overall, I think it’s a good list. I don’t think mermaid needed to go, but a lot of people complained about it, so I understand that it had to go. As a Pendulum player I would have liked to see Electrumite go to three again. I’m very well aware that it shouldn’t have happened for the health of the game but I want it back.


Oisin & Ned


How do you like the new Forbidden & Limited List?
Oisin: I think everything was pretty fair, the only thing I don’t understand is that Book of Moon is still at three. The only issue that I ever had with list is that I do not know why cards get hit. We never get a reasoning from Konami. It is done on Duel Links Lists but not for the TCG. I would like to see more communication between Konami and the community in general.
Ned: I feel for what was there it was good, but I was not enough. It was a good list, but it was not what I was hoping for. I would have liked to see a list that is a little more harsher and more of a check for the big Decks. For example, I would have liked to see Thunder Dragon get a slight hit, nothing massive, but something to keep them in check.