Quick Questions: Tips to winning events?

Winning an event is significantly harder than just placing in the top cut, so I managed to catch some players who have won big tournaments before and asked them for advice. It’s hard to convince people to give away their winning formula but these few winners have been kind enough to share their knowledge.

Matthew Casiero (Tips to Winning Events)


Matthew Casiero (Adelaide) Winner of Oceania WCQ 2016:

My advice is know your cards. Know what you’re playing. Know what your deck does. Know how the cards interact. You can’t just pick up a deck off the streets and expect to do well with it. You have to know exactly what is going on at all times.

Tips to win Poe

Poe Jiang (Sydney) Winner of Oceania WCQ 2018:

Just play monsters which have effects that activate from the hand during the opponents turn. Figure out which of these monsters are good for the current metagame and play those ones. You have to identify what the problem is currently in the game and which cards are good at combating it. For example, right now, the issue is that the Orcust Deck end their turn on a field with many forms of interaction and if you figure out how to stop them from reaching that game state, you’ll have a good shot at winning.

Frank Gericitano (Tips to Winning Events)

Frank Geracitano (Sydney) Winner of Australian Nationals 2016:

Make sure you always play a deck that is unique and has the element of surprise. I’ve always gone with the deck I enjoyed playing the most because if you have fun, you’ll have a better time. If Mermail is a viable deck, always play that deck.

Josiah (tips to win)

Josiah Woodberry (Adelaide) Winner of Australian Nationals 2018:

Well I’m a math teacher so I have a systematic approach to doing things like deck building. I look at the numbers and figure out the best ratios to play to have an optimal hand and to not have a poor opening. However I also take a realistic approach and understand the numbers don’t always work and you need to get lucky. The goal is to work the numbers in your favor to minimize the impact of luck.

Marcus Wheeler (Tips to Winning Events)

Marcus Wheeler (Central Coast NSW) Winner of Australian Nationals 2013:

I think deck building is the most important part. If you go into the tournament with the best deck, sometimes you can get away with not playing well and then throughout the day you learn to play the deck better, but if your deck wasn’t strong to begin with, you can’t fix that.

Jak Lubke (Tips to winning events)

Jak Lubke (Adelaide) Winner of Australian Nationals 2015:

Besides the obvious practicing a lot, you really just need to get lucky. On top of that you can try to play cards which may seem strange but can win the game on their own such as Secret Village of the Spellcasters during Nekroz format. You just gotta find the card that can win on its own!

tips to win Charles

Charles Loo (Melbourne) Winner of Oceania WCQ 2019:

Try not to misplay. Be calm at all times. I think deck building is very important. This format isn’t a dice roll dependent format so you get rewarded for building a good deck which can function going first and second.

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