Quick Questions: What are you looking forward to in 2020?

01.12.2019 | 13:35 |
2019 was an amazing year, we set all kinds of attendance records and, of course, we are planning to continue in 2020. What are Duelists in Milan looking forward to in 2020?


Rudi & Max


What are looking forward to in 2020?
Max: I’m looking forward to go to Euros next year. I’ve already earned my invite at a Regional and I’m looking forward to playing there. It will be my first Euros and I’m very excited about it. Other than that, I’m looking forward to the next YCS in Germany, even though it’s not announced yet. I wish for a bigger Top cut like Top 64 so that the tie breakers are not as important as they are now.




What are looking forward to in 2020?
Felix: I hope Engage will get limited soon. The card is too much plus in itself and almost any engine can run it. Other Decks and archetypes are held back by one card. That’s kind of sad. Into the void is very similar and should get limited as well. For events, I would love to see and official Team Event in Europe anytime soon. It’s great fun and I would love to play a full YCS with it.




What are looking forward to in 2020?
Valtel: I feel like the metagame is pretty good and the events are great. I like it a lot, so I feel like we don’t need too many changes. Event-wise I would love to see a YCS or Euros in Switzerland someday. We are situated in the heart of Europe and it’s a lovely country to visit.




What are looking forward to in 2020?
Luigi: Reprints of the metagame cards that are currently very expensive like Phantazmay and Pot of Extravaganze would be great. And of course, a lot more big events like this in Italy!


Philipp & Lukas


What are looking forward to in 2020?
Philipp: London was my most favorite event so far, the MCM Comic Con was great and I wish there were more events like these. Events, where there stuff to see and go to when you drop out of the Main Event. Of course, I would like to have a YCS in my home country Austria, be it Linz or Vienna someday. That would be awesome!
What are looking forward to in 2020?
Lukas: I look forward to the reprints of expensive cards like Cynet Mining and Phantazmay and all the stuff that’s currently 50+ Euros. It would make it a lot easier for everyone to build a competitive Deck.