Quick Questions: What card would you like to see go on or come off the upcoming Forbidden & Limited List?

16.01.2020 | 13:54 |
The October Forbidden & Limited list stated that the next List is likely to come out later this month and it’s always something which every Duelist is excited for and players love making up their wish list. While some Duelists are worried their favourite Deck will no longer be playable, others are excited at the concept of Deck building in a fresh and unknown territory. Let’s see what some players are keen to see go on or come off the upcoming Forbidden & Limited List. Daniel Li (F&L List) Daniel Li (Sydney): I would like to see Orcustrated Babel be put to 0 on the Forbidden & Limited List. It is far too powerful to allow you to play not only on your turn but also on your opponent’s turn. I think it takes the fun out of the game. Benny Mans (F&L List) Benny Mans (Sydney): I would like to see Maxx “C” come off the next Forbidden & Limited List. I think that with the upcoming Master Rule adjustments, there will be more plays going around in each Deck and it would be a great tool at combating these plays and allow us to control and slow down the pace of the game such as against Synchro-centric Decks. James Gould (F&L) James Gould (Sydney): I would like Allure of Darkness to be at less than 3 on the next Forbidden & Limited List. It’s shaping up a lot of the game currently and removes diversity in Deck building with how much Decks rely on it. Leroy Onuoha (F&L) Leroy Onuoha (Brisbane) I would like Sky Striker Mecha – Hornet Drones to be at 0 in the next Forbidden & Limited List. That card wouldn’t greatly limit the Sky Striker Deck but it is the sole reason every other Deck use Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage and by removing it, the power Level and ubiquity of Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage is removed. Shaquille Leslie (F&L) Shaquille Leslie (Toronto, Canada): I would love to see Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal come back to 3 because Burning Abyss is my favourite Deck of all time and she is very important in the Deck's strategy.