Quick Questions: What Deck will win YCS Utrecht 2018

22.09.2018 | 14:14 |

The one question I’m sure everybody has thought about going into this event is: Which Deck will win the 200th YCS in Utrecht? Going into a 10+ rounds event, you better find a consistent Deck. See what Duelists in Utrecht came up with.




What Deck will win the 200th YCS?
Philipp: I think that True Draco is still a good metacall. I think that a lot of good players chose to run it. In an open metagame like this a tried and proven strategy is usually a good choice. The current metagame is not my most favorite one and I’m mainly here for the community to meet people and have fun.




What Deck will win the 200th YCS?
Ali: I would guess it is Pure Invoked. I’m running the pure version with a lot of handtraps in the maindeck. I build my Deck particularly to go second, trying to stop my opponents plays dead in its tracks. Unfortunately, I lost to Ancient Gear last round. The Deck is not consistent at all and I got very unlucky to loose the game.




What are you most excited about the 200th YCS?
Louis: At the moment I see a lot of Mekk-Knight Invoked. So, I’m thinking it will be some sort of Mekk-Knight based Deck. Me myself, I run Paleo-Frogs. It’s got a good match-up against most Decks and only struggles against big bodies. I side in a few extra cards to deal with most situations. It’s a Deck that van be very diverse without losing too much consistency.


Maximilian & Lars


What are you most excited about the 200th YCS?
Maximilian & Lars: Even though we are both running True Draco, we are pretty sure that pure Sky Striker will win the event. It is still the most consistent Deck and consistency is crucial going into a 12 Round event. The mirror match is very hard, but usually the better player wins.