Quick Questions: What Secret Tech do you have planned for this weekend?

Everybody is here searching for the recipe to be ahead of everyone else, to gather whatever edge they can find to beat the competition and sometimes it involves playing cards which are under the radar or aren’t commonly used to surprise their opponent in a duel. Let’s see what people are bringing to the tournament to catch their opponent off guard.

Luke Jamieson Secret Tech

Luke Jamieson (Melbourne):

I’m playing Necrovalley in the Main Deck. I feel that it’s generically good against every deck being played and sometimes you can just open it and win immediately.

Secret Tech Daniel Chen

Daniel Chen (Perth):

I’m playing Silent Graveyard in the Side Deck. It’s a card that doesn’t affect my deck but effects every other decks in the metagame. It’s a good option for both going first and second and is a spell to help set up your Sky Striker Spells.

Micheal Owen (Tech Card)

Micheal Owen (Perth):

I’m playing Jet Synchron because it is very versatile. It can access Knightmare Phoenix on its own to remove problematic cards such as There Can Be Only One. It discards the Orcust cards from your hand and is also a Machine which banishes itself so it can work with Galatea the Orcust Automaton.


Isaac Stott (Sydney):

While most Salamangreat decks play 0 or 1 Salamangreat Fowl, I chose to play 3 copies of it because it facilitates the summoning of Rank 4 monsters such as Abyss Dweller and Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir. These two monsters are very good at defeating common decks being played in this tournament!

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