Quick Questions: What was your favourite format and deck of last decade?

A new decade brings new rules, new concepts, new cards, new archetypes and many new stories to tell. One thing duelists often love doing is sit down and reminisce what they consider the glory days in a “Back in my Day” fashion and everyone has that one format they loved playing most or the one deck that holds a special place in their heart forever. I went around to ask a few players what format they enjoyed most.

Far From Home Raphael

Raphael Neven (Netherlands):

I started playing in 2012 so I missed out on playing a lot of the key formats and decks such as Plants and Gladiator Beasts. From the formats I’ve played, my favourite one was 2014 after the release of Primal Origins. That format was very diverse with over 15 playable decks including Mermail, Madolche, Fire Fist, Geargia and so on. You never knew what you were going to be playing against each round of a tournament. My favourite deck of all time was the 60 card Paleozoic deck that was good during the format where Zoodiac was taking up most spots. I really like how the deck interacted with Zoodiac cards because they play a lot of a trap cards, but not only that the Traps then become monsters so they had multiple uses. By playing 60 cards you had many more options to play and were able to have tools to play out of any situation. You also had access to very powerful spells such as That Grass Looks Greener which had an absurd win rate if you drew it on turn 1.

Christopher Cheong (Format)

Christopher Cheong (Melbourne)

My favourite format was the format we played during 2019 National Season and my favourite deck accordingly was the Danger Thunder Dragon deck! This was because it was the deck I piloted to finally make top cut after playing for 4 years.  It’s an important achievement to me!

Adam Beevours favourite format

Adam Beevours (Brisbane):

Oof! Give me a hard second on this one.

Okay, my favourite format was the Tele-Dad format in 2010 but I was a lot younger and wish I had a better understanding of that deck. My favourite deck of the last decade would be pure Sky Striker because Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage is so powerful and you feel so good when you resolve the card. Bonus points if you draw into another copy of Engage. Close second would be Fire King Kozmo because there were over 30 combos you could open with in that deck.

Ryan Nelson (format)

Ryan Nelson (Melbourne)

I liked any format where the Dragon Rulers were not Forbidden and their decks were my favourite decks. There’s a common misconception where people believe that there was few ways to build the deck and most lists look standardized without many room for options but I hard disagree on that. I think that outside of the main 25 or so cards there was a lot of room to play anything you wanted and to build the deck to work in a way you wanted them. They had unprecedented impact on the game.

John Papadopetros (format)

John Papadopetros (Melbourne)

My favourite format and deck was Sky Striker because it was very simple to play and I had a lot of fun during the format and with the deck.

Liam Friedle (Format)

Liam Fridle (Perth):

My favourite format was right after the release of Breakers of Shadow but before the adjusted List. That format was very skill intensive and the deck had so many interactions with both itself and the opponent’s deck. My favourite deck of the decade was the Synchro-centric deck which aimed to summoned multiple Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier and Psy-Frame Lord Omega to take away all the cards in my opponents hand.

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