Quick Questions: What was your toughest matchup this weekend?

[p]At any tournament there are some easy wins for anybody. But then there are also the Matches where you just become desperate. Every Deck has a weak point and a special Deck it fears. I talked to some Duelists around the venue to see, what their toughest matchup of the weekend was.[/p]

Michael is playing Dragon Rulers this weekend.

[quote][p][b]Michael Hagedorn (Germany)[/b][/p]
[p]I had a lot of trouble facing Evilswarm. [ev oph] can be very hard to overcome. I need to draw the right cards to get rid of it. But a lot of Evilswarm players are teching their Deck hard to beat Dragon Ruler. So they became a big problem and I lost a few matches because of them.[/p][/quote]

Evilswarm mirror match was most feared by Michael.

[quote][p][b]Michael Loizoo (England)[/b][/p]
[p]The Evilswarm mirror match was pretty tough. It heavily rely on who draws more Monsters. If you are out of Monsters you are screwed.[/p][/quote]

3 of 4 friends are also playing Dragon Ruler, but shared quite different experiences.

[quote][p][b]Giovanni Nonnis, Alessio Perria, Marco Marras & Gianluca Melis (Italy)[/b][/p]
[p][b]Giovanni:[/b] I had a little bit of trouble to beat other Dragon Ruler Decks. The mirror match was kind of a problem. Sometimes you just win or lose because of [return] or [6s].

[b]Alessio:[/b] I usually have good matchup versus Dragon Ruler, because my Brotherhood of the Fire Fist are quite anti-meta to beat them. But in one game my opponent opened with 3 (!) [draco]. I wasn’t able to overcome that one, even though I tried my best.

[b]Marco: [/b]I lost my very first game of the tournament to Harpies. [phantasmal] just made one direct attack after and just depleted my Life Points one after another. I was not able to get rid of it![/b]

[b]Gianluca:[/b] Evilswarm can stop all my Dragon Ruler plays. It was a big problem.[/p][/quote]

Max had a lot of problems when facing Constellar.

[quote][p][b]Max Weiss (Germany)[/b][/p]
[p]It was quite difficult to face-off Constellar. Some of them are heavily teched to beat Dragon Ruler. They play 3 [wall] and other stuff. One Constellar even managed to defeat me in a single turn. I couldn’t believe it.[/p][/quote]

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