Quick Questions: Which card would you like to see come off the list?

01.12.2019 | 10:29 |

The Forbidden and Limited List has a big impact on the development of the metagame. The list is supposed to balance the game and keep Decks that are too powerful in check. However, some cards have been on the list for a while now and I’m pretty sure that you would like to see some of them come off the list some time. Let’s get a few opinions!




Which card would like to see come off the list?
Lorenzo: Actually I have a few cards I would like to see come back. There is Pot of Greed, which is incredibly powerful, but it would be great fun to have it back in constructed. I would like to see come Widow Anchor back at two, to make my favourite Deck better again. Finally, I would like to have True King’s Return unlimited. True Draco is my second most favourite Deck.




Which card would like to see come off the list?
Rudi: I want Tribe Infecting Virus off the list. There are other cards in the metagame that can easily clear boards and I do not understand why this card is still forbidden. I love these old cards as they remind me of the old days. I left the game in 2004 and came back only 4 weeks ago. At the beginning of the year I was shopping with my mom and bought me some boosters. Then I started playing Duel Links and Speel Duel, because they were using cards that I still knew from back in the days. Now I’m here at Milan and it so amazing!


Iuri & Riccardo


Which card would like to see come off the list?
Iuri: Dragon Ruler – I would love to replay the older formats and try the Deck in the current metagame. I still feel that they might be too strong but the metagame shifted and I think they might fit in very well.

Riccardo: Infernity Archfiend! was running the Deck at my Nationals back in the days and it so much fun to play. The combos are insane and I feel like they would be perfectly fine in the current meta. Without Lavalval Chain the Deck lost one of its most important engine cards, so the Deck should ok.




Which card would like to see come off the list?
Zio: Probably Deep See Diva and Tidal, because I would like to play Mermail at full force again. It was one of the Decks I was most successful with playing it for almost 3 years.