Quick Questions: Which Deck will win YCS Ghent 2019?

21.09.2019 | 12:31 |

The one question I’m sure everybody has thought about going into this event is: Which Deck will win YCS Ghent 2019? We didn’t have a big event prior to this, so the format is still wide open. Furthermore, the format has never been more diverse making a lot of Decks playable. Read on to see what Duelists at YCS Ghent think!


Patrick & Hanif


Which Deck will win YCS Ghent 2019?
Robert: I will go with Orcust for this event. I feel like it got some of the better ending boards and can play through most handtraps and opposing boards. The Deck seems to be the most consistent as well. I’m decided to run Danger! Thunder Dragon for this event, but I changed the Deck slightly and added handtraps to stop my opponents plays.

Hanif: Cyber Dragon Orcust! I’ve seen the Deck pop up in some of the American events lately. It’s probably the best Deck in terms of power and it has easy access to Cyber Dragon Infinity to stop them using their combo.




Which Deck will win YCS Ghent 2019?
Darmon: I guess it will be Sky Striker again. Even after the new Forbidden & Limited List, I feel like it is still the best Deck in the current metagame. Engage is still a broken card and makes the Deck very consistent and let’s not forget about Mystic Mine which is still the best field spell in the game.




Which Deck will win YCS Ghent 2019?
Thosten: Orcust, I think it will the Deck that’s most represented. All the top players are running Orcust, be it with the Cyber Dragon engine or Lunalights. I’m still not sure which one is the best. I’m running Thunder, because I feel more confident with the Deck.




Which Deck will win YCS Ghent 2019?
Rick: Probably Striker or Thunder! Striker has been around for months and Thunder because of representation. I personally struggle a lot with Colossus.




Which Deck will win YCS Ghent 2019?
Nico: Orcust! It has easy access to Epidemic which is a good counter to Sky Striker. It shuts down the Deck for like three turns. It’s really broken! I’m still mad that Konami limited Mulitfaker. Altergeist and Spellcasters are my most favorite archetype, but the Deck is almost unplayable now!