Quick Questions: Which deck will win YCS London 2019?

26.10.2019 | 15:47 |
The one question I’m sure everybody has thought about going into this event is: Which Deck will win YCS London 2019? We’ve had a new Forbidden and Limited List only a few weeks prior to this event and a new set that was released only a week ago. Let’s see how the format will develop and what people here in London think will win the event.


Dan & Sam


What Deck will win YCS London 2019?
Dan: I think Thunder Dragons will win. The have best looking cards and all their effects are so strong that people just get drown into them.
What Deck will win YCS London 2019?
Sam: Salamangreat - they are just ridiculously functional in today’s format. Even though they have been hit by the list, they are still strong enough to compete and beat the other Decks.




What Deck will win YCS London 2019?
Pietro: Some kind of Orcust variant, but I don’t know which one. It can play around Nibiru and it is consistent enough to go through 11 Rounds if Swiss. Crescendo is pretty awesome and there is enough recursion to never run out of resources.




What Deck will win YCS London 2019?
Tom: Currently the format seems so balanced that anything can win. My guess is Orcust, it’s the most consistent Deck at the moment. Especially the Danger variants are not so easy to interrupt.




What Deck will win YCS London 2019?
Thomas: Salamangreat – I feel like it is the best Deck in the metagame. It is very consistent to go through a long event like this and it also can first or second. It is so versatile that I’m convinced it will win this event.