Quick Questions: Which deck will win YCS Milan 2019?

30.11.2019 | 10:23 |

The one question I’m sure everybody has thought about going into this event is: Which Deck will win YCS Milan 2019? YCS Pasadena, which took place only a week prior to this event, already set the pace. Let’s see how the format will develop and what people here in London think will win the event.


Johannes & Ole


What Deck will win YCS Milan 2019?
Johannes: My guess would be Striker Orcust. I’s going to be the most represented Deck in this event. Most of the good players are running this Deck. I’m running Lunalight for this event, because I don’t like to play the mirror match all day long. The other good thing about it is that Lunalight is capable of consistently putting Dweller to the field. It’s also not as vulnerable to handtraps like Orcust.

Ole: I’m pretty sure it will be some Orcust variant. The engine is currently the best in the metagame. I’m still not sure which one, but I’m convinced it will be Orcust. The engine is splashable and can go into the late game very well. I’m running Infernoid for Milan. It was my most favourite Deck ever since and it has the best matchup against Orcust. Monster Gate coming back to three helped me out a lot.




What Deck will win YCS Milan 2019?
Franck: I think Orcust has a good chance to win. It is the best Deck in the current field. The Pure Orcust is the most consistent Deck. I’m running it myself and I like it a lot. The loop is really hard to beat and the Deck grinds very well.




What Deck will win YCS Milan 2019?
Eliah: Orcust, it is the best Deck currently. It is the most consistent Deck in the current field and has no flaws at all. You can build a big turn 1 board and also go into the late game having resources to grind out.


Louis & Adrien


What Deck will win YCS Milan 2019?
Louis: Orcust Pure, in my opinion it is the most consistent Deck. I’m running it myself. I’ve been working on this build for a long time and feel very confident with it and that’s one of the most important things going into a long event like a YCS.

Adrien: Salamangreat – it has a good matchup against all the current Decks. I had so much fun with the Deck lately and it is still a lot of fun running it. It can do a lot of tricks and go into Dweller quite easily. Dweller stops Thunder Dragons and Orcust dead in its tracks.