Quick Questions: Which was your most favorite event in 2019?

30.11.2019 | 15:50 |

YCS Milan is the last event of 2019 and a worthy ending to a record-breaking year. Attendance numbers at National Championships as well as YCS events has increased to amounts we’ve never been expecting before. We’ve had a Worlds Points Playoff in Utrecht for the first time to determine the World Championship competitors. There was so much going on throughout the whole year and we were curious to find out what Duelists in Milan think about 2019.


Thomas Rose


Which was your most favorite event in 2019?
Thomas: Oh, that’s actually quite easy to answer. In my case it was YCS Dusseldorf since I won it! It was one of those events where I felt very well prepared and I felt like I was able to win it. Prior to the event, I was talking to my team whether it would be tactical to enter the small one, but we agreed on playing the big one since it’s worth more. In terms of city and location Ghent was my favourite. I didn’t make the top cut, but it was fun overall. In London I felt burned out after running for Worlds and ending up ninth in the end. It drained my competitive side, so I decided to enter London with Subterror. Sometimes you need to sabotage yourself to reset yourself and be able to win again.


Raphael Neven


Which was your most favorite event in 2019?
Raphael: I don’t have a most favorite event, but I can tell my top 3 events of 2019. At #3 it is YCS lima for being a 3v3 event. I had a great Team and feel like this is the best way to play Yu-Gi-Oh!. Shoutouts to Paulo and Ramiro for being great teammates. Peru is beautiful and we had a great time staying there. #2 is YCS Chicago for obvious reasons. I won the event! My #1 this year was YCS Ecuador: mostly because of Galo, who hosted me and 10 other people. He put in a lot of effort to make us feel comfortable and show us his home-country. Everything about that trip was perfect. Worlds is, even though I was working so hard to get there, only in 4th place. It was hard for me preparing and I’ve been to Berlin a lot of times before.




Which was your most favorite event in 2019?
Vlad: For me it was Worlds! It was just a lot of fun seeing my friends play in the World Championship. It was great watching them, cheer for them and support them on site. Seeing it all live was amazing. There is so much on the line at this event and I think it is the ultimate goal for all the Yu-Gi-Oh! players to go to Worlds once.




Which was your most favorite event in 2019?
Kristoffer: YCS Ghent! It was a nice experience there and the people I travelled with were great. There were a lot of Danish people going there with me and we had a good time. London was cool as well due to MCM Comic Con. The travelling is a very important part of the whole YCS experience for me.




Which was your most favorite event in 2019?
Marcus: YCS Ghent! I enjoyed the Deck I chose for the event. I played Lunalight Orcust and made it to Top 16. It was one of the best Decks in the room and the boards I was able to make were quite crazy. Apart from that, it was the first time I’ve been to Belgium and it felt great to finally go to a different place.