R8 Feature Match: Eugen Heidt (Shaddoll Artifact) vs Marco Mazzuoccolo (Tellarknight)

07.09.2014 | 10:08 |

We’re in to the first round of the second day and only seven rounds stand between now and the eventual winner of YCS Madrid. This morning I’ve bought to the table Napoli’s Marco Mazzuoccolo and this year’s European Champion, Eugen Heidt. Both players have a record of 5-1-1 so the winner would have a good chance of making the top cut while the loser would be out of the running for sure.

Heidt won the roll and decided to go first after Mazzuoccolo rolled a one and lamented “I have to look at it this way: if I go second, I better not draw bad!”


Heidt was confident after his win at the European Championship this year.

Heidt was confident after his win at the European Championship this year.


Heidt set four to his backrow and passed.

Mazzuoccolo copied him but then added a fifth too. In the End Phase Sinister Shadow Games sent Shaddoll Squamata and subsequently Shaddoll Falco to the Graveyard which returned itself.

Heidt Summoned Mathematician and used the effect to send another Squamata and then a Shaddoll Beast from the Deck, drawing a card. In the Battle Phase Mazzuoccolo ate 1500 Damage before Heidt passed.

Mazzuoccolo just set a Monster.


These backrow were soon to bite the dust.

These backrow were soon to bite the dust.


In his End Phase a second Sinister Shadow Games sent Shaddoll Dragon from the Deck and flipped his Falco. Falco was to return Beast and Mazzuoccolo Chained Vanity's Emptiness and Mystical Space Typhoon on a Chained Artifact Sanctum, Mazzuoccolo flipped another Vanity's Emptiness and Heidt went to destroy another Chained Mystical Space Typhoon with his Artifact Sanctum, losing his own Vanity's Emptiness in the process.

Heidt played Shaddoll Fusion to pitch Felis, Lightsworn Archer and Shaddoll Dragon for El Shaddoll Construct. Dragon wanted to destroy a set Compulsory Evacuation Device but it was Chained to send Construct back to where it came from. The effect of Construct sent Shaddoll Core from the Deck.

In the Battle Phase Mathematician attacked in to a Satellarknight Vega and Heidt looked surprised: “Oh..okay” he said as he Synchro Summoned Armades, Keeper of Boundaries. “Go ahead.”

“Yu-Gi-Ooooohh!!” declared Mazzuoccolo as he pulled a Satellarknight Deneb from the top of his Deck, searching out Satellarknight Altair. He Xyz Summoned Number 101: Silent Honor Ark and took Heidt’s Armades before attacking. “Gorz?”

“You know my card?” Heidt joked.

Mazzuoccolo set a card before Heidt drew and played Shaddoll Fusion to send Shaddoll Hedgehog and Beast to make El Shaddoll Winda. He added another Beast to his hand and then drew a card. Allure of Darkness was next and Banished the Beast from his hand. In the Battle Phase Dimensional Prison stopped it from beating over Number 101: Silent Honor Ark.

Mazzuoccolo tapped the top of his Deck and said “maybe!” before drawing and declaring “Oh yeah, that’ll do”. He checked through both player’s Graveyards before attacking in to a Hedgehog.


ARK met the spikes of Shaddoll Hedgehog

ARK met the spikes of Shaddoll Hedgehog


Heidt fished a Shaddoll Fusion out of his Deck and in Main Phase 2 Mazzuoccolo Summoned Satellarknight Altair but it was hit by a Breakthrough Skill.

Fusion was the first play of the next turn, sending Artifact Moralltach and Shaddoll Hedgehog to Fusion Summon El Shaddoll Construct, sending another Fusion to the Graveyard and searching Falco to the hand. It was Summoned and Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree was Synchro Summoned. Construct going to the Graveyard allowed Shaddoll Core to return to Heidt’s hand and Leo attacked over Altair. Heidt set both remaining in-hand cards to his backrow.

Mazzuoccolo drew to two in hand with his Number 101: Silent Honor Ark still on the field with one material. Soul Charge wanted to return Deneb and an Altair but Vanity's Emptiness from Heidt stopped that malarky. Mazzuoccolo sighed as he read Leo and then set his last card, a Dimensional Prison, to the back.

Heidt attacked over the now-Defense Position-position ARK, Banishing Breakthrough Skill from the Graveyard to stop it protecting itself. He set another card to the back.

Mazzuoccolo sighed and set his topdeck to his Monster zone.


Leo putting in the work! That Prison was useless against him

Leo putting in the work! That Prison was useless against him


It was revealed to be Satellarknight Unukalhai when Leo destroyed it in Battle. Heidt set a Monster.

Mazzuoccolo set his draw to his Spell/Trap zone and on the next turn ate 3100 in the face from Leo.

He drew Satellarknight Altair and Summoneded it, attacking over a set Mathematician and destroying Vanity's Emptiness in the process. Another Mathematician was Summoned on the next turn and Leo attacked over Altair before Mathematician ran in to the Dimensional Prison. It mattered not as Shaddoll Core was flipped and attacked for game!

European Champion Heidt takes the first game with Shaddolls.

“Okay,” said Mazzuoccolo. “Now I can play.” There seemed to be a strong view from players in this format that they have much more of a chance after seeing what Deck the opponent is using and being able to Side-Deck against it.

“You will start?” asked Heidt. “Ha, I think yes” was the reply.

Neo-Spacian Grand Mole and four Spell/Traps hit the field for Mazzuoccolo.


The Italian would want to get back in the match right away

The Italian would want to get back in the match right away


Heidt went for just two backrow and one set Monster.

Dimensional Fissure was activated and when Mole went to attack Sinister Shadow Games was activated, followed by Malevolent Catastrophe! It would be a huge move to break Mazzuoccolo but he had a Wiretap he had been saving for the occasion. Catastrophe returned to the Deck while Shaddoll Beast was Banished and Squamata was flipped, also Banishing Mole.

Shaddoll Dragon was Summoned and Mazzuoccolo flipped Solemn Warning to Banish it. Squamata went to Attack Position and poked while Heidt set his remaining three cards to the back.

Mazzuoccolo pulled a Pot of Duality off the top of his Deck and revealed Soul Charge, a second Pot of Duality and Satellarknight Altair. None of them were particularly useful in this situation! He immediately decided that he would not take Charge and eventually decided on keeping his second Pot of Duality which he would be able to use next turn.


Fissure would be a problem for Heidt if there was anything to follow it up with!

Fissure would be a problem for Heidt if there was anything to follow it up with!


Squamata poked again while a fourth backrow was added.

Mazzuoccolo used his Pot of Duality and revealed Wiretap, Dimensional Prison and Reinforcement of the Army. He picked the Prison and laughed to himself as his draw for the turn was a still useless Altair. He Summoned it and set his Prison before ending.

Heidt drew and flipped Mystical Space Typhoon on the card he knew to be Dimensional Prison. Squamata attacked over Altair and Heidt set a Monster.

Mazzuoccolo seemed just as happy with his draw this turn as he did last. It was used to join his other backrow and he ate a further 1800 from Squamata before he had play back again. He laughed at his topdeck – Soul Drain – and flipped his other face-downs; Vanity's Emptiness, Mystical Space Typhoon and Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror. All great with something to back them up but with no Monsters to get over Squamata he extended his hand and conceded that he would be going no further in the tournament.

After the game the players discussed the big play in the second game where the Sinister Shadow Games really put Heidt ahead. They decided that if Mazzuoccolo had used the Wiretap on Sinister Shadow Games Heidt would not have been able to activate Malevolent Catastrophe on that attack and Mazzuoccolo may have lived to see another day. Both players shook hands as they went on in the tournament – Heidt with the chance to make the top cut.

European Champion Eugen Heidt dispatches Italy’s Marco Mazzuoccolo 2-0!