Rocco Tamburlini, Nicolo Gaspari and Frederico Zoppini’s “Fudo Synchro”

[p]Doppel Junk is a very popular Deck here in Madrid, with 2 of Yusei’s signature cards combining to Synchro Summon [tghl] and set up massive combos. While most people here are going down the route of [tengu], [junk] and Plant Tuners, Italian Duelists Rocco Tamburlini, Nicolo Gaspari (Nicolo’s playing in Public events this weekend)and Frederico Zoppini have opted for a different strategy with a Deck that Yusei Fudo himself would surely use if he were playing this weekend. Let’s take a look![/p]

3 Duelists, 1 Deck!

[quote][b][u]Rocco Tamburlini, Nicolo Gaspari and Frederico Zoppini (“Fudo Synchro”)[/b]

Monsters: 22[/u]
3 [b]Level Eater[/b]
3 [b]Quickdraw Syncron[/b]
3 [b]Doppelwarrior[/b]
2 [b]Card Trooper[/b]
2 [b]Junk Syncron[/b]
1 [b]Sangan[/b]
1 [b]Spore[/b]
2 [b]Glow up Bulb[/b]
1 [b]Gorz the Emissary of Darkness[/b]
1 [b]Dandylion[/b]
1 [b]Lonefire Blossom[/b]
2 [b]Unknown Synchron[/b]

[u]Spells: 14[/u]
3 [b]Tuning[/b]
1 [b]Giant Trunade[/b]
2 [b]Mystical Space Typhoon[/b]
3 [b]Pot of Avarice[/b]
1 [b]One for One[/b]
1 [b]Monster Reborn[/b]
1 [b]Card Destruction[/b]
1 [b]Reinforcement of the Army[/b]
1 [b]Foolish Burial[/b]

[u]Traps: 4[/u]
3 [b]Reckless Greed[/b]
1 [tt]

[u]Extra Deck: 15[/u]
2 [b]T.G. Hyper Librarian[/b]
2 [b]Trishula Dragon of the Ice Barrier[/b]
1 [b]Road Warrior[/b]
3 [b]Formula Synchron[/b]
1 [b]Armory Arm[/b]
1 [b]Brionac Dragon of the Ice Barrier[/b]
1 [b]Drill Warrior[/b]
1 [b]Scrap Dragon[/b]
1 [b]Black Rose Dragon[/b]
1 [b]Junk Warrior[/b]
1 [b]Junk Destroyer[/b]
[p]Like most Synchro-based Decks these days, “Fudo Synchro” sets up the majority of its Synchro Summons through the effects of low ATK monsters. You can discard a card to Summon [qd], get free monsters with [junk] and set up other combos with [unknown] and [doppel]. Both Duelists are using 3 copies of [qd] and have plenty of ideal cards to send to the Graveyard to Summon it. 3 [level eat], [spore], 2 [glowup][s] and [dandy] ensure that there’s plenty more things to do once Quickdraw is Summoned. Like several Decks here today there’s 2 [junk] and 3 [doppel] to make the most of [tghl], and 2 [trooper] are in there to load up the Graveyard and get everything rolling.[/p]

[p]The advantage to running [qd] is that there are several exclusive Synchro Monsters to this type of Deck. [drill] is able to set up combos every turn that are almost impossible to stop once it gets going, letting both Duelists re-use whatever they want to speed up the Duel. [junk w] is surprisingly strong in here, as all the Level 2 or lower monsters can give it a decent ATK boost when [tghl] isn’t a viable Level 5 monster to Summon. A well-timed [junk d] can obliterate opponents by destroying up to 4 cards instantly while also having a hefty 2600 ATK. [/p]

4 Synchro Monsters that aren't in every Extra Deck.

[p]The most interesting “Yusei Synchro Monster” in here though is [road w]. Once per turn, [road w]'[s] effect lets these Duelists Special Summon a Level 2 or lower Warrior-Type or Machine-Type monster from the Deck. That’s either going to be [doppel] or [unknown] and when combined with [level eat] can drop a [trish] out of nowhere. First [road w]'[s] effect gets [unknown] from the Deck, and then [level eat] takes a Level off of [road w]. [fsynch] is Summoned and then [level eat] is used on [road w] again. [road w] is now Level 6, and combined with the Level 2 [fsynch] and Level 1 [level eat] a [trish] can be Summoned on either player’s turn! With combos like these and the various tricks of [tghl] and [poa] it’s possible to Summon multiple copies of [trish] in a single turn![/p]

[p]As expected, there’s 3 [poa] in here to recycle everything back to the Deck (and Extra Deck) and have another go, and 3 [tuning] to get 1 of 7 “Synchron” monsters in the Main Deck in an instant. [rota] also fits in here to get [junk] or [doppel], and [card d] is there to load several cards into the Graveyard at once (and also cause opponents to get rid of the [gorz], [trag] or [veiler] that would save them!). As for the Trap Cards there’s only 4; 3 [reckless] (which emphasises the Deck’s focus on speed) and [tt] which is needed to shut down opposing [tghl] combos before they get out of hand.[/p]

[p]This is one of the few Decks of its kind here this weekend that doesn’t run either [debris] or [tengu], which doesn’t seem to matter as there’s so many combos in this Deck already! Both Duelists have done well in YCS events over the past year too, often being just that one step away from a Top 32 playoff spot. With a brave Deck choice (which has been in development for over 2 months) this weekend though, Rocco Tamburlini, Nicolo Gaspari and Frederico Zoppini are hoping to jump that final hurdle and make the playoff stages here in Madrid, which would be a fitting farewell to the 5D’s era.[/p]

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