Round 1 Feature Match – Bohdan Temnyk (Burning Abyss) vs Robert Newberry (Burning Abyss)

Welcome to Round One of YCS Sydney! Robert is from Armadale in New South Wales, and Bohdan is from Penrith, also in New South Wales! Both Duelists are playing a Burning Abyss Deck in the tournament, one of the most powerful and popular Decks at this tournament. Which of these local Duelists will go undefeated into Round 2?

Bohdan won the die roll and elected to go first.

Game 1

Bohdan’s opening hand contained [karma], 2 [ba graff], [rubic], and [bls]. He Special Summoned [rubic], then Normal Summoned [ba graff]. He Xyz Summoned [dante], and used its effect (detaching Graff) to send [upstart], [karma] and [ba cir] to the Graveyard. Cir’s effect activated, targeting the detached Graff, while Graff used its effect to Special Summon [ba scarm] from the Deck. Bohdan then Summoned a second [dante], and detached Scarm to send [rubic] to the Graveyard. He Set 1 card, and added [tour] to his hand in the End Phase.

Robert had [ba graff], [ba scarm], [mst], [rubic], and [ba cir] in his hand at the start of the Duel. He drew a card and used [mst] it on Bohdan’s [karma]. He then Special Summoned [rubic] and Normal Summoned [ba graff]. He Synchro Summoned [virgil], and his Graff Summoned Calcab, Malebranche of the Buring Abyss from the Deck. He then used the effect of [virgil], by discarding [ba cir] to shuffle [dante] into Bohdan’s Extra Deck. Cir’s effect revived Robert’s [ba graff]. He then Xyz Summoned [20], and detached Calcab to increase his monster’s ATK. Virgil attacked Bohdan’s [dante], and he added [rubic] to his hand with Dante’s effect. Also, Bohdan’s [ba graff] that was attached to Dante Special Summoned [ba cir] from Bohdan’s Deck. Robert attacked Cir with [20], and Cir Special Summoned [ba scarm] from Bohdan’s Graveyard. Robert Set 1 card and passed his turn.

Robert was able to turn the tables on Bohdan’s established field!

Bohdan drew a card, and banished a Burning Abyss monster and [dante] to Special Summon [bls]! This sent his on-field [ba scarm] to the Graveyard. He Normal Summoned [tour], but Robert flipped his [vane] to prevent a Fiend from being Summoned. [bls] banished Robert’s Virgil, and Bohdan added another [tour] to his hand thanks to Scarm’s effect.

Robert drew [soul charge]– a great card, but not with [vane] face up! He Normal Summoned [ba scarm], which was immediately sent to the Graveyard since he controlled [20]. This destroyed [vane], allowing him to play [soul charge]! He Summoned [rubic] and [ba cir] and lost 2000 LP (8000 > 6000). However, he forgot that they would be sent to the Graveyard immediately because he controlled [20]! Unable to make further plays, he added [tour] to his hand thanks to [ba scarm]’s effect.

Bohdan drew a card and Normal Summoned [tour], which Summoned [ba graff] from the Deck. He Xyz Summoned [dante] in Attack Position, using the 2 [tour]. He detached one Xyz Material, sending [fire lake] [foolish], and Calcab, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss to the Graveyard. In his Battle Phase Dante attack and destroyed [20], dealing 400 damage to Robert (6000 > 5600). Robert Summon [ba cir] from the Deck with Graff (which was attached to [20] and sent to the Graveyard when it was destroyed). In Main Phase 2, Bohdan banished the [ba cir] with the effect of [bls]. He Set 1 card and ended his turn.

Robert drew a card, and then Normal Summoned [tour]! He Summoned [ba graff] from his Deck, but Bohdan played [fire lake]! He sent his [dante] and [ba graff] to the Graveyard to destroy Robert’s [tour] and [ba graff]. After that, Robert conceded!

Despite losing his field early on to Robert’s aggressive push, Bohdan manages to bring the Duel back in his favour and take the win! Can Robert catch up in the next Duel?

Game 2

Bohdan took the first turn. He played [upstart], followed by a second [upstart] (Robert 8000>10000)! Bohdan then Normal Summoned [tour], and Summoned [ba graff] from his Deck. He Xyz Summoned [dante], Dante detached Graff and sent 3 card to the Graveyard – [ba scarm], [ba cir], and [ojama trio]. Cir Special Summoned Scarm, and Graff Special Summoned Cir from the Deck. He then Xyz Summoned a second Dante, and detached the Scarm to send [tour] to the Graveyard. He Set 3 cards and passed his turn, adding another [tour] to his hand thanks to [ba scarm]’s effect.

Another extremely powerful first turn play from Bohdan!
Another extremely powerful first turn play from Bohdan!


Robert drew for turn. He Special Summoned [rubic] and [ba alich], but Bohdan played [ojama trio] sending his monsters to the Graveyard! In the End Phase, Bohdan  flipped [mst] to destroy Robert’s [vane].

Bohdan drew, then flipped his face-down [night beam] destroying Robert’s [karma]. He detached [tour] to send 2 [maxx] and [ba graff] to the Graveyard. Graff Special Summoned [ba scarm] from the Deck. He then Special Summed [rubic] from his hand. He Xyz Summoned Number 47: Nightmare Shark! This allowed Bohdan to attack directly over the Ojama tokens for 2000 damage after detaching Scarm (Robert 8000 > 8000). In the End Phase, Scarm added Calcab, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss to Bohdan’s hand.

Robert drew [tour]! He Normal Summoned it, and Special Summoned [ba scarm] from the Deck. He considered his Extra Deck options for a while before Xyz Summoning [dante]. He detached Scarm from it to send [night beam], [ba cir] and [ba graff] to the Graveyard. He attacked and destroyed Nightmare Shark (Bohdan 8000 >7500). Robert’s Scarm added another Cir to his hand in the End Phase.

Bohdan drew and detached another Xyz Material from Dante, sending 3 cards to the Graveyard, including [ba cir] and [ba graff]! Cir SS [ba scarm] from the Graveyard, and Graff SS [rubic] from the Deck. He then Synchro Summoned [virgil], but Robert’s [pwwb] sent it packing! In the End Phase, Scarm gave Bohdan [ba alich] from his Deck.

Robert drew [pwwb]. He Set it and passed.

Bohdan drew a card. He Normal Summoned [ba scarm] and Special Summoned [rubic]. He Synchro Summoned [virgil], but Robert used his second [pwwb] to send it back again!

Robert is doing everything he can to keep that Virgil off the field! Without Virgil, Bohdan can’t make a real move.

Robert drew a Burning Abyss monster. As he couldn’t Summon it, he passed the turn.

Bohdan drew a card and activated [soul charge]! He targeted and Summoned 2 [ba cir] and [rubic] from the Graveyard (Bohdan 7500 > 4500). After that, he Synchro Summoned [virgil] a third time! This time, Robert couldn’t stop him. Cir’s effect Special Summoned [ba Scarm] from the Graveyard. Virgil sent Alich from Bohdan’s hand to the Graveyard to return Robert’s [dante] to his Extra Deck. As he couldn’t attack thanks to [soul charge], he passed the turn.

Robert drew a card, and with no answer in sight, he conceded!

Bohdan Temnyk moves ahead into Round 2 undefeated in the first round!


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