Round 1 Feature Match: Cameron Touzell vs Bodan Temnyk

18.01.2014 | 14:19 |

Welcome to Round 1 of YCS Sydney! Our Duelists all want to prove that they’re the best Duelist around so winning the first round of the event is of utmost importance. Cameron Touzell has travelled from Penrith and is using a Flamvell Deck today and his opponent, Bodan Temnyk, is also from Penrith! Bodan has chosen a Dragon Ruler Hieratic Deck for this event, which is an interesting choice considering the recent Limiting of the Dragon Rulers! Will Bodan’s Deck choice be a smart one or will Cameron’s Flamvell Deck come out on top? Read on to find out!

[b]Game 1:[/b]

Cameron won the die roll and elected to go first.


Bodan started the Duel with [upstart], [su], [convo], [labra drag], and [eset].

Cameron began his turn by drawing [urgenttuning]. He Normal Summoned [valley] and ended his turn.

Bodan drew a card then activated [convo] searching his Deck for [su]. He then played [upstart] drawing 1 card and giving Cameron 1000 Life Points. He Normal Summoned [eset], then Tributed [eset] to Special Summon [su] from his hand. That allowed him to Special Summon [f guard] from his Deck. He then Tributed [su] to Special Summon a second [su] from his hand, and the Tributed [su] Summoned [labra drag] from the Deck. Bodan then Xyz Summoned [atum]. He detached [su] to Special Summon [blaster] from his Deck. He then used [f guard] and [blaster] to Synchro Summon [scrap dragon]! [scrap dragon] used its effect to destroy [valley] and [atum]. After banishing both copies of [su] from his Graveyard to Special Summon [blaster] from the Graveyard, [scrap dragon] and [blaster] attacked Cameron directly, dropping him to 3400 Life Points.

Cameron drew a card to start his turn and immediately conceded.

Cameron’s slow start allowed Bodan to quickly assemble a strong field, him to quickly win the first Duel! Both Duelists immediately dived into their Side Decks to prepare for the second Duel.

[b]Game 2:[/b]

After rigorous Side Decking by Bodan, both Duelists are now ready for their second Duel. Cameron elected to go first again, beginning the game with an opening hand of [valley], 2 copies of [rekindling], and 2 copies of [urgenttuning]. He drew [f dog] to begin his turn, which could make those [rekindling]s extremely potent. He Set 3 cards to his Spell & Trap Card Zone and then Normal Summoned [valley] to end his turn.

Bodan began with [su],[maxx], [ashes], [redox], and [f guard]. He drew 1 card, Set [ashes] and ended his turn.

Cameron drew a card, then Set 1 Monster and 1 Spell or Trap, then ended his turn. During the End Phase, Bodan activated [ashes], sending [su] from the Deck to the Graveyard.

Bodan drew a card, and carefully considered his options before discarding [redox] and [maxx] with [redox]’s effect, to Special Summon [su] from the Graveyard. He then the effect of [su] and Tributed a copy of [su] from his hand to destroy Cameron’s Set [urgenttuning]. Bodan Special Summoned [f guard] from the Deck, thanks to the effect of [su]. Cameron stopped the potential Synchro Summon by using [bom] to flip [su] face-down. Bodan ended his turn by Setting 1 Spell or Trap.

Cameron drew a card to begin his turn. He Flip Summoned [f dog] but was met with a swift [sw] from Bodan which lowered Bodan’s Life Points to 6000. Cameron then played [rekindling]! Bodan answered with [maxx], which allowed him to draw a card once Cameron’s [f dog] was Special Summoned. Cameron moved to his Battle Phase, and attacked the face-down [su] with [f dog]. As it was destroyed Cameron Special Summoned [f mage] from the Deck (giving Bodan a second card from [maxx]). Cameron then played [urgenttuning], Tuning his [f mage] to his [f dog], to Synchro Summon [crimson blader] (making the [maxx] count 3 cards)! He attacked [f guard], destroying it and shutting off almost all of Bodan’s Special Summon tactics for the next turn. In Main Phase 2 he played [rekindling] to return [f mage] and [f dog] to the field again, giving Bodan his fourth free card! They didn’t stay for long though, as they were used to Synchro Summon [stardust]! Bodan drew a fifth card from the effect of [maxx]. Cameron Set 1 Spell or Trap and proceeded to the End Phase, during which Bodan used [ashes] to send [tefnuit] to the Graveyard.

Bodan had a very full hand at this point and drew [reckless] during the Draw Phase. Since he was prevented from Special Summoning high-level monsters, he Set 3 cards to his Spell and Trap zone and ended his turn.

Cameron drew [heraldry rec]. He set it, and attacked directly with [stardust], although he was halted by Bodan’s [ced]. Cameron attacked directly with [crimson blader], dropping Bodan’s Life Points from 6000 to 3200. Cameron proceeded to the End Phase, where Bodan used [ashes] to send [eset] to the Graveyard. He then activated a second copy and used its effect to send [tefnuit] to the Graveyard. Cameron checked Bodan’s Graveyard at this point and found 7 Dragon-type monsters in the Graveyard. Not a good situation to be in against a Dragon Ruler Deck!

Bodan began his turn by drawing [convo]. He used [reckless] to draw 2 cards. He then played [hole]! This destroyed Cameron’s [valley] and [crimson blader]. Bodan then played 2 copies of [convo], adding [eset] and [su] to his hand. He Normal Summoned [su], and Tributed it to Special Summon [su] . The effect of [eset] activated, allowing him to Special Summon [f guard] from the Graveyard. He then Synchro Summoned [brd], but Cameron had [sw]! He reduced his Life Points to 6000 to negate [brd]’s Summon. Bodan definitely hadn’t finished his play here – he banished 2 copies of [maxx] to Special [redox], and then banished 2 Hieratic monsters to Special Summon [blaster]. The 2 copies of [ashes] returned the 2 banished Hieratic monsters to the Graveyard. Bodan attacked with both Dragon Rulers, dropping Cameron’s Life Points from 6000 to 1600. Bodan Xyz Summoned [sack] during Main Phase 2, but when he attempted to detach to use its effect, Cameron used [heraldry rec], negating and destroying [sack]! Bodan Set 1 card and passed the turn.

Cameron drew [road], and after looking at the card for a short time, decided to concede the game.

With a crushing combo in the first Duel, and a powerful setup through [ashes] and [maxx], Bodan Temnyk defeats Cameron Touzell with a 2-0 victory!