Round 1 Feature Match: Vittorio Wiktor vs. Stefano Mimoli

Round 1 of the WCQ: European Championship 2010 is on and we’re starting things up with a big boom: The reigning champion Vittorio Wiktor is facing Stefano Mimoli who placed second at this years Italian National Championship. Both players are well known in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG community and they were even close to facing each other before in the knock out stages of past major tournaments.

Wiktor relies on a Frog Monarch deck with one of his worst match-ups being the Perfect Herald that Mimoli claimed he was playing. Wiktor said he needed to win the die roll to at least partially make up for the bad match-up. What he didn’t know at that point was that Mimoli was actually playing an anti deck.

Wiktor won the die roll, predicting and rolling a “5”, beating Mimoli’s “4”. He opted to go first and drew into his opening 6: [roar], [ladd], [soul], [enemy], [storm] and [gorz]. He Set [roar] and passed without any other actions.

Mimoli had [mst] for the face-down [roar] and Wiktor chained it. Mimoli then summoned [wanghu], Set 3 Spell or Trap Cards and play passed back to Wiktor.

Wiktor thought for a second before activating [storm], predicting a [road]. Mimoli didn’t have the [road], but was quick to negate [storm] with [sj]. Wiktor simply passed with an open field.

In his turn, Mimoli brought out [pachy]. He attacked with both monsters and passed. Wiktor was down to 5100 Life Points.

Wiktor activated 2 copies of [soul], which enabled him to use the two Monsters of his opponent for his own Tribute Summon. He then Tributed both monsters for [ladd]! Mimoli responded and activated [ro], triggering the effect of [ladd]. He then chained [tt], getting rid of the threat.

In his turn, Mimoli summoned [dck] and attacked. Wiktor Special Summoned[gorz], but the effect of [dck] kicked in and cleared the field once more.

Play was back to Wiktor. He Set a monster and passed without any other actions.

Mimoli drew into [radiance]. He Summoned it and attacked the face-down monster, revealing it to be [treeborn]! A huge play by Mimoli, leaving Wiktor, who was shaking his head, wide open!

Wiktor was desperate to protect his Life Points, but all he could do was Set a Spell or Trap Card.

Mimoli had another [pachy]. He Summoned it to the field and attacked with both monsters. Wiktor used [enemy] on [bor], but had to take the 1200 from [pachy].

In his turn, Wiktor checked his options for a second, but then decided to concede the first Duel and went for his side deck.


Stefano Mimoli wins Duel 1!


Wiktor pointed out that his side deck should have a couple of good cards for this particular match-up. He claimed that he should able to get a win if his draw wouldn’t be so bad again. Mimoli asked him: “You’ll go first? Again?”, drawing a smile from the crowd.

Wiktor’s opening hand in game 2 looked promising: [thestalos], [ladd], [raiza], [fader], [mf] and [pwwb]. He Set [mf] and passed.

Mimoli summoned [rai oh] to the field. He attacked and Wiktor tried to bring out [fader]. Both players weren’t sure if [rai oh] was able to stop [fader], so a judge was called. He ruled that it was possible, so both monsters left the field. Mimoli Set a Spell or Trap Card and ended his turn.

Wiktor passed without any actions.

Mimoli Summoned [lady] and attacked, but Wiktor had another [fader]! This time, it stuck, as Mimoli pointed out “I can’t use her effect against it.” Mimoli Set another spell or trap and passed.

Wiktor wanted to enter his Main Phase, but Mimoli stopped him and activated [mor], preventing Wiktor from Summoning any Monarchs. Wiktor simply Set 2 Spell or Trap Cards and passed.

Mimoli attacked with [lady], but Wiktor had [mf] to save his [fader]. Mimoli passed without further actions.

In the following turn, Wiktor activated [pwwb], getting rid of [mor]. He Tributed [fader] for [raiza], further slowing Mimoli down by returning his other Set Spell or Trap Card to the top of his deck. He attacked directly with the Monarch and passed.

Mimoli simply Set 2 Spell or Trap Cards and ended.

Wiktor had [caius], getting rid of [prison] and attacking for another 2400 points of damage.

Mimoli simply Set another Spell or Trap Card.

In Wiktor’s turn, the German wanted to enter his Main Phase, but [mor] made sure he couldn’t bring out any more Monarchs. He attacked with [caius], but Mimoli used [bom] to stop it.

Mimoli had to set up some defense now, so he Set a Monster Card.

Wiktor flipped [caius], attacked into the face-down monster, revealing it to be [crow]. He passed without further actions.

It was time for Mimoli’s comeback! He Summoned [rai oh] and activated [ced] to return the Monarch to Wiktor’s hand. He attacked directly for 1900 damage.

Wiktor was wide open now. He had a couple of Monarchs in his hand, but had no way of brining them into play. He activated [brain] and attacked for 1900 with [rai oh] before passing without any other actions.

Mimoli attacked directly with [rai oh], Set a Spell or Trap Card and passed.

Wiktor passed without any actions.

Mimoli Summoned [lady], declared an attack, but [fader] stopped him from doing any damage.

Wiktor summoned [substi], which brought him a [treeborn] from his deck that was sent to the Graveyard. He couldn’t do anything else and passed.

Mimoli drew for his turn. Wiktor wanted to use [aoi], but Mimoli was quick to point out that [mor] won’t allow for that. Wiktor had to take some damage thanks to the attack of [rai oh] over [substi] and was left without a field after Mimoli’s turn again, save the face-down [aoi].

With his back against the wall, Wiktor drew for his turn, but was quick to extend his hand. He revealed his hand: [ladd], 3 Monarchs and 2 copies of [soul].


Stefano Mimoli beats Vittorio Wiktor 2 – 0!


A great start for the Italian, gaining a lot of momentum by getting the win in game 1 and locking his opponent’s deck down thanks to [mor] in game 2!

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