Round 1: Myron Schmelz (Dragon Ninja) vs. Juan Manuel Cabrera (Blackwings)

[p]After thousands of registrations over these past 2 days [i]it’s time to Duel[/i]! For Round 1 we’ve brought Myron Schmelz, the Trial winner from YCS Leipzig, to the Feature Match table where he’ll face off against Juan Manuel Cabrera, from Las Vegas, Nevada. Schmelz has brought his Dragon Ninja Deck with him to the United States while his opponent is using a really cool Blackwing Deck (which he calls “Dark Matter”). Let’s see how they got on![/p]

Myron Schmelz is still running Dragon Ninja!

[div]Cabrera won the die roll and chose to begin. He started with [allure], drew 2 cards and banished [tour]. He then Summoned another one! Tour Guide brought [sangan] to the field and Cabrera then Set 2 Spell/Trap Cards.

Schmelz [ns]ed [hanzo]! Hanzo’s effect added [naost] to his hand. Schmelz entered his Battle Phase and took down Tour Guide for 800 points of damage. He then set 3 Spells or Traps.

Cabrera Set a Spell/Trap and passed.

Schmelz destroyed [sangan] with Hanzo, and Cabrera added [breeze] to his hand, which was Special Summoned! Schmelz activated [naost] and Cabrera Chained with [icarus], targeting Schmelz’s 2 Set cards. Schmelz [ss]ed [eclipse] and [warning] and [tt] were destroyed. Eclipse attacked directly to put Cabrera on 5600 Life Points. Schmelz Set 2 more cards to finish.

Cabrera drew [delta] and activated [b]Creeping Darkness[/b], banishing [sangan] and [breeze] to add [bora] to his hand. He [ns]ed it and Schmelz wiped the field with [tt]. [eclipse] activated its effect and Schmelz banished [redmd], which he may get to add to his hand later. Cabrera passed.

Schmelz passed.

Cabrera Summoned [blizzard] and Chained [delta]! Schmelz Chained his [mst] and Cabrera Chained again with [return]! Cabrera [ss]ed all of his banished monsters and thought about the many options he now had. He Synchro Summoned [armed wing] and [sangan]’s effect added [gale] to his hand, which was [ss]ed with its effect. Cabrera then Synchro Summoned [armor master]. [tour] attacked directly, followed by Blizzard and the 2 Synchro Monsters to drop Schmelz to 900 Life Points. In Main Phase 2 Cabrera Summoned [catastor] and passed.

Guess who's back? Everybody!

Schmelz banished [eclipse] and [hanzo] and Summoned [lightpulsar]! Cabrera discarded [maxx]. Schmelz’s [eclipse]’[s] effect added [redmd] to his hand. He banished [lightpulsar] to Summon [redmd] and took down [catastor].

Cabrera’s Armor Master clashed into [redmd] and added a Wedge Counter to it before he Set a monster and Spell/Trap.

Schmelz took down [armed wing] with [redmd] and banished his dragon to Summon another copy.

Cabrera attacked into a [redmd] again and added a Wedge Counter to it.

Schmelz played [reborn] to Summon [armed wing], which was enough for Cabrera to concede Duel 1!

Myron Schmelz takes the lead!


Could Cabrera make a comeback?

[div]Cabrera would start again in Duel 2 and did so with [bora] and 2 Set cards.

Schmelz opened with a Set Spell/Trap of his own.

Cabrera played [allure] and banished [gorz] after drawing 2 cards. Bora attacked directly.

Schmelz passed again.

Cabrera Summoned [sangan] and Schmelz responded with [tt], which was negated by [7tools]! Cabrera’s 2 monsters attacked directly. Cabrera Set another card.

Schmelz Summoned [eclipse] and Cabrera responded with [maxx]. Schmelz banished his dragon to Summon [redmd] and then brought out [lightpulsar]! Both monsters were destroyed by [icarus] but Lightpulsar’s effect brough [redmd] right back to attack anyway! He took down [sangan] and Cabrera added [blizzard] to his hand. Schmelz brought back [lightpulsar] with [redmd]’[s] effect and ended.

Cabrera Summoned [blizzard] and Schmelz responded with [maxx]. Blizzard brought back [bora] and Cabrera [ss]ed [gale] from his hand. Cabrera Synchro Summoned [brio] and discarded [bls] to send [redmd] back to Schmelz’s hand, before discarding [delta] to return [lightpulsar] and seal the Duel![/div]

We’re going to Duel 3…. Or are we?

[div]As both Duelists Side Decked and shuffled up time on the round was called. As this is a major event and both Duelists were currently tied the Match was declared a draw. In the end this may have been the most satisfying result for both Duelists as neither of them wanted to lose so early on. Regardless, both Duelists were happy they have their best with 2 rather unique Decks, and hopefully they’ll do well in the next few rounds![/div]

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