Round 10 Feature Match: Vincent Ralambomiadana vs. Leo Giner

We picked table 6 for our feature match in round 10: Vincent [rala] vs. Leo Giner. [rala] is best known for inventing the French Twilight deck and piloting it to a win at a Shonen Jump Championship while Giner is about to make a name for himself today. Both players know each other as they’re both from France, so the official language at the table for this match seems to be French.

Vincent Ralambomiadana was still on track of making top 8


Among Giner’s opening hand were [cat], [brain] and [ro]. He summoned [cat] and sacked it right away to get [darksoul] and [airbellum] out of his deck. Next, he Tuned both monsters to [goyo], Set 2 Spell or Trap Cards and ended his turn, but not without searching his deck for [fulhelm].

[rala] was up for the first time and he quickly shuffled through his hand a number of times. He decided to Summon [emmersblade] and passed without any further actions.

Giner had [fulhelm], he activated [brain] on [emmersblade] and proceded with the Battle Phase. He dealt 5400 points of damage with all 3 monsters and Tuned [emmersblade] and [fulhelm] to [brionac] in Main 2.

It was just his second turn, but [rala] was already standing with his back against the wall. He had to up the ante to make a comeback in this game. He did so by activating [brain], stealing [brionac]. He discarded 2 cards to get rid of both Synchro Monsters, he Summoned [sangan] to the field and attacked directly. Play was back to Giner.

Ralmbomiadana tool control of Brionac to get rid off both Synchro Monsters


Giner simply Set a Monster Card and passed.

[rala] summoned [fulhelm] and attacked into the face-down monster, revealing it to be [monk]. He took 300 points of damage and ended his turn.

Giner had [darksoul], he Tributed it for the second effect of [enemy], took control of the opposing [fulhelm] and considered his next move for a bit. With only 1 card left in his hand, things weren’t looking good for [rala]. [monk] and [fulhelm] were eventually Tuned to [black rose], the Synchro Monster attacked over [sangan] ([rala] got [cat] out of his deck) and Giner was done with his turn. He searched his deck for another copy of [fulhelm] and play was back to [rala].

He drew into a card, brought out [cat], but quickly changed his mind and decided it was time to move on with the second game, so he conceded Duel 1.


Leo Giner wins the first Duel!


Thanks to a good start with [cat], Leo Giner was able to gain the upper hand early on and never give [rala] a chance to really get into the game.

Leo Giner is one of 8 French players still participating in the tournament.

[rala] opted to go first this time and did so by placing a spell or trap face-down.

Giner Summoned [airbellum], which fell victim to [bth]. He Set 2 Spell or Trap Cards and passed.

[rala] activated [mst] and destroyed the Set [ro] of his opponent. He then brought out a [airbellum] of his own, but Giner also had a [bth]. [rala] Set a Spell or Trap Card and ended.

Giner only Set 2 Spell or Trap Cards.

[rala] Set another spell or trap and passed.

[emmersblade] was the first monster after a few slower turns. Giner dealt some damage, he Set a spell or trap in Main Phase 2 and ended his turn.

In the following turn, [rala] kicked things off by activating [cold wave]. He brought out [monk] and thought for a second before ditching [bom] for its effect. He searched his deck for [cat], Tributed it for its own effect and Special Summoned [airbellum] and [darksoul].

Would Rescue Cat also decide the outcome of the second Duel?

Both monsters left the field so [hyunlei] could take their place. Its effect got rid of [road], [bom] and [ro] in Giner’s back row! During the End Phase, [rala] searched his deck for [fulhelm] and he passed.

All of a sudden, it was Giner who was standing with his back against the wall. He drew into a third card, but [rala] had 3 more cards on the field plus an additional 2 cards on his hand. Giner brought out [fulhelm] and Tuned it with [emmersblade] to [hyunlei], but [rala] showed another [bth] that removed it from game.

In the following turn, [rala] had [fulhelm], he attacked directly and passed after Setting a Spell or Trap Card.

Giner simply Set 2 Spell or Trap Cards, but his Gottoms’ Emergency Call was destroyed by [dust] during the End Phase.

[rala] Summoned [monk], he Tuned his monsters to [arcanite], but Giner’s [sj] made sure the Synchro Monster never appeared on the field. [rala] passed after Setting a face-down spell or trap.

Giner Set a card to each zone and passed as well.

[rala] now had [bogknight] and followed it up with Gottoms’ Emergency Call. He Special Summoned [fulhelm] and [airbellum] to his side of the field. He revealed a [mind control] and Giner knew that this Duel was over.


Vincent [rala] equals the scores!


Giner started the third Duel by Summoning [fulhelm] and Setting 2 Spell or Trap Cards.

[rala] Set a monster and 2 Spell or Trap Cards and play was already back to Giner.

He thought about attacking for a second, but then opted to simply set another monster.

[rala] checked his face-down cards in his back row. He Flip Summoned [ryko] and hit [bth], sending [airbellum], [bom] and Gottoms’ Emergency Call from his deck to his graveyard. He activated [mst] and destroyed [road], asked Giner about the cards in his hand (3), brought out [bogknight] and after [fulhelm] negated the attack, he Set a Spell or Trap Card in Main Phase 2 and passed.

Giner Flip Summoned [emmersblade]. Next, he Special Summoned [faultroll] and [rala] thought about responding. He said it was fine and Giner Tuned [emmersblade] and [fulhelm] to [hyunlei]. He activated the effect of the Synchro Monster and [rala] had to think about that for a moment.

Book of Moon was chained to Hyunlei's effect to save Ralambomiadana another turn

He eventually decided to chain [bom], flipping [fulhelm] face-down. Giner Summoned [rai oh] to the field and then proceded with his Battle Phase. He destroyed [bogknight] and passed without further actions.

[rala] was in desperate need of some defense, but all he could do was Set 2 Spell or Trap Cards.

Giner had [storm] and wiped [rala]’s back row. He Flip Summoned [faultroll] next and declared that he would activate the effect. He couldn’t bring back a monster from his Graveyard as [rala] already extended his hand at that point conceding the match.


Leo Giner wins the match!


Thanks to [storm], Leo Giner was able to strip [rala] of his defenses and take away the victory in a close match!


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