Round 10 Feature Match: Yannay Rotem vs Baris Bulut

This round’s Feature Match is from Table 5, where Israeli Duelist Yannay Rotem is taking on Baris Bulut, a Turkish Duelist living in Munich. Rotem’s running Machina Gadgets while Bulut has brought Gladiator Beasts to the Feature Match table. Both Duelists had lost 1 Match so far in the tournament, so the loser here would need to rely on good tiebreakers to make Top 32, whereas the winner would have greater odds of making the cut.

Yannay Rotem was fired up and ready to go!

Bulut started things off by Summoning Gladiator Beast Darius and Setting 2 Dark Bribes, Waboku and Shrink. The other card in his opening hand was Gladiator Beast Samnite.

Rotem Summoned Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind, cut Darius’ ATK in half with its effect, and tried destroy it in battle, only to be stopped by Waboku. Darius survived and went back into Bulut’s Deck before Gladiator Beast Murmillo was Summoned (this is what Duelists refer to as ‘tagging out’), destroying Gale. Rotem set Torrential Tribute and Compulsory Evacuation Device and ended.

Bulut Summoned Gladiator Beast Samnite, Rotem responded with Torrential, and Bulut Chained Dark Bribe. Rotem drew Scrap Recycler after Torrential was negated. Murmillo attacked for 800 damage. Samnite tried to attack but got hit by Compulsory, going back to Bulut’s hand. At the end of the Battle Phase, Murmillo tagged out for Gladiator Beast Laquari (now with 2100 ATK) and Bulut ended his turn.

Rotem had a hand full of monsters, but plenty of options!

Rotem drew to 5 cards in-hand (all monsters). He Normal Summoned Red Gadget, getting a Yellow Gadget from his deck to his hand. Next he discarded 2 copies of Machina Fortress to Special Summon one of them. Fortress attacked Laquari, and Red Gadget attacked directly for 1300, completing Rotem’s plays for the turn.

Bulut Summoned Samnite again, destroyed the Red Gadget, and tagged out for Gladiator Beast Equeste, adding the Laquari in the Graveyard to Bulut’s hand. He Set a Spell or Trap and passed play back to Rotem.

Rotem activated Mystical Space Typhoon on the card that was just set, destroying the Gladiator Beast War Chariot in the process. Machina Fortress attacked Equeste, but Bulut activated Shrink in the Damage Step. Fortress was destroyed in battle, and Equeste was destroyed with Fortress’ effect. Rotem Summoned Scrap Recycler in Main Phase 2, sending his 3rd Machina Fortress to the Graveyard.

Bulut Summoned Gladiator Beast Laquari, took down Recycler, and tagged out for Equeste return Gladiator Beast War Chariot to Bulut’s hand, which was Set along with another Spell or Trap.

Rotem discarded 2 Yellow Gadgets to Summon a Machina Fortress from his Graveyard, which attacked over Equeste in the Battle Phase.

Bulut drew another Laquari (he now had 2 copies in-hand) and passed.

Rotem’s Fortress attacked directly for 2500 to knock Bulut down to 2900 Life Points. Rotem Summoned Machina Gearframe in Main Phase 2, adding Machina Force to his hand. Gearframe was then equipped to Fortress, protecting it from destruction.

Bulut set a monster (most likely one of the Laquaris) and passed, realising he was on the back foot.

Rotem drew Limiter Removal and Normal Summoned Recycler to send Machina Peacekeeper to the Graveyard. Recycler’s other effect sent 2 Gadgets (Red and Yellow) back to the Deck and Rotem drew Bottomless Trap Hole. He discarded Machina Force for Fortress, attacked over Samnite, and the other Fortress attacked for game with a little help from Limiter Removal!

Yannay Rotem’s Machina Gadget Deck works to perfection in Duel 1 and he takes the lead!

Limiter Removal ended Duel 1!

Bulut kicked off Duel 2 with Gladiator Beast Equeste and 2 Set Spells or Traps.

Rotem drew and Special Summoned Cyber Dragon, losing it to Bottomless Trap Hole. He activated Smashing Ground, destroying Equeste before Normal Summoning Red Gadget (getting a Yellow from his Deck).  Red Gadget attacked directly, and Rotem Set 2 cards to his back row before ending.

Bulut activated Gladiator Proving Ground to get Gladiator Beast Bestiari from his Deck, and flipped Trap Stun. He played Monster Reborn on Equeste, Set Bestiari and ‘contact fused’ the 2 monsters for Gladiator Beast Gyzarus, destroying Rotem’s Mystical Space Typhoon and Compulsory Evacuation Device. Gyzarus ran over Red Gadget, tagged out for 2 2100 ATK Laquaris and Bulut Set Gladiator Beast War Chariot, now in a strong position.

One Gladiator Beast Gyzarus, coming up!

Rotem drew Machina Gearframe and Summoned it, but it was destroyed by Chariot when he tried to search for a monster.

Bulut Summoned Gladiator Beast Darius attacked with everything he had, bringing Rotem down to 1000 Life Points. Darius tagged out for Equeste to get Chariot back. One of the Laquaris tagged into Gladiator Beast Retiari, removing Gearframe from play. He Set Chariot, considered Summoning Gladiator Beast Heraklinos (by combining his 3 monsters) but opted not to, ending his turn instead.

Rotem discarded 2 monsters for Machina Fortress, and ran over Laquari. That Heraklinos would have been stronger than Fortress had he Summoned it, and Chariot would have kept it safe from destruction.

It didn’t matter though as Bulut played another Proving Ground, getting Gladiator Beast Bestiari, and Rotem conceded!

Baris Bulut levels the score with a flurry of Gladiator Beasts!

Baris Bulut makes a comeback with Duel 2!

Rotem would start Duel 3, with 6 minutes remaining in the round. He Summoned Yellow Gadget, got a Green one from his Deck, and Set Compulsory Evacuation Device.

Bulut destroyed the Compulsory (which was Chained) with Mystical Space Typhoon. He Summoned Gladiator Beast Darius, attacked directly, and Rotem Summoned Gorz the Emissary of Darkness and a 1700 ATK and DEF Token in Defence Position. Darius tagged out for Gladiator Beast Murmillo, destroying Gorz, and Bulut Set a Spell or Trap to finish.

Rotem played Green Gadget with 2 minutes remaining in the Match, and got a Red Gadget with its effect. He attacked Murmillo with Green Gadget, destroying it. Nobleman of Extermination was played in Main Phase 2, and both players lost their Mirror Forces. He turned the Emissary of Darkness Token to Attack Position and ended.

No Mirror Force for you! (or me, but still.. none for you!)

Bulut activated Dark Hole, clearing the field. He Summoned Gladiator Beast Hoplomus next, attacked for 700 and tagged out for Laquari (2100 ATK) as time on the round was called. Bulut was leading the Duel with Life Points of 7400 to Rotem’s 5600.

Rotem drew Cyber Dragon, Special Summoned it and played Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind. Gale cut Laquari’s ATK in half, Rotem attacked with both monsters (Gale directly) and he now had higher Life Points than his opponent. He Tuned his 2 monsters for Stardust Dragon in Main Phase 2 and ended.

Bulut draw, needing to pull off a miracle, but it looks like this was a jump too far for him. He Set a monster, Set a backrow, and ended.

Rotem Summoned Machina Gearframe, adding Machina Fortress to his hand. He discarded cards for Fortress, Special Summoning it. Stardust attacked over Laquari, Fortress attacked, and it was all over!

Yannay Rotem looks like he’s on his way to the Top 32!

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