Round 10: Jake Quinsee (Dino Rabbit) vs. Kevin Gloor (Dino Rabbit)

[p]We’re into the final round of Swiss here at YCS Brighton! This round’s match pits UK National Champion Jake Quinsee against Switzerland’s Gevin Gloor. Quinsee’s undefeated with Dino Rabbit at the moment but has 2 draws, which means he needs a good result in this Match to make Top 32. His opponent is also playing Dino Rabbit, and almost certainly needs a win to make the playoffs. Only 1 of these will probably make Top 32, so let’s find out who that will be![/p]

Jake Quinsee's close to maing the playoffs today (on his brithday)!

[div]Gloor opened the Match with [saber] and 4 Set Spells and Traps.

Quinsee started his turn by Summoning [kabaz], and Gloor responded with [bth] to banish it. Quinsee then Set 2 Spells or Traps.

Gloor Summoned a [kabaz] of his own and entered his Battle Phase. Both monsters attacked directly to reduce Quinsee to 4400 Life Points. In Main Phase 2 he Xyz Summoned [laggia] but Quinsee negated that with [warning].

Quinsee [ns]ed [tour] and Gloor had the [warning] to negate it. Quinsee had [reborn] though and targeted Gloor’s [saber], which was Summoned. Gloor destroyed it with [tt]. Quinsee set a Spell or Trap and ended his turn.

Gloor Summoned [guaiba] and attacked directly before Setting a Spell or Trap.

Quinsee [ss]ed [cydra] and tried to attack Guaib, but [mf] kept it safe. He [ns]ed [mole] in Main Phase 2.

Gloor attacked the Mole with Guaiba and both monsters went back to the Duelists’ hands. In Main Phase 2 he banished [reborn] from his Deck with [sarco] and would add it to his hand in 2 turns’ time. He [ns]ed [guaiba] again and ended.

Quinsee drew and Summoned [tour]! He [ss]ed [sangan] from his Deck and Xyz Summoned [leviair]. He detached [sangan] and Summoned [saber]. He then flipped over his set [mind] to take control of [guaiba] and, Xyz Summon [laggia]! Both monsters attacked directly to reduce Gloor to 1800 Life Points.

Gloor Set the monster he just drew.

Quinsee Summoned [mole] again bounced the Set monster away with it, and his Xyz Monsters attacked for game![/div]

Jake Quinsee takes the lead!


Kevin Gloor travelled from Switzerland to make it here today.

[div]Another win like that would give Quinsee the perfect birthday present: a Top 32 spot at his home YCS. During the Side Decking both Duelists said they’ll be heading to YCS Leipzig next year, and Quinsee’s planning on heading to Long beach as well.

Gloor started Duel 2 with [tour]! He [ss]ed [sangan] from his Deck and combined the 2 to Xyz Summon [zenmaines]. He Set 2 Spells or Traps to finish his opening turn.

Quinsee drew [reaper] and Set it, along with a Spell or Trap card.

Gloor [ns]ed [guaiba] and attacked the Reaper which survived.

Quinsee drew [tour] and Summoned it right away! Gloor negated its effect with [chalice], but Quinsee had [lance] to negate the Chalice! Quinsee Summoned [sangan] from his Deck in [def], and combined it with Tour Guide to Summon his own [zenmaines]. He Set 1 Spell or Trap and ended his turn.

Lance and Chalice are rarely seen together!

Gloor drew for his turn and considered his options before Setting a Spell or Trap.

Quinsee drew and Gloor activated [dustshoot], revealing [maxx], [hole], [mind] and [road]. [maxx] was sent back to the Deck. He Set [road] and passed.

Gloor [ns]ed [kabaz] before combining it with [guaiba] to Summon [dolkka], which Quinsee negated with [warning]. He Set 1 Spell/Trap to finish his turn.

Quinsee drew [smash] and passed.

Gloor Summoned [saber] and played [reborn] to Summon [kabaz], combining both to Summon [dolkka]. Dolkka attacked [zenmaines] and Quinsee detached a material to protect it. During the End Phase Dolkka negated Zenmaines’ effect to destroy it.

Quinsee passed on his turn, making no plays.

Gloor Summoned [rabbit]! He [ss]ed 2 [kabaz] from his Deck and combined them to Xyz Summon [laggia]. He still couldn’t get past the [reaper] though and ended his turn.

Quinsee drew for his turn and was in a good mood, sounds like he drew something useful! He played [mind] and targeted [dolkka], Gloor negated it with Laggia. Quinsee’s delight was short lived it seems. He played [hole] though, and then Chained [book] to flip [zenmaines] face-down! Everything was destroyed and Quinsee was back in the Duel! He Summoned [kabaz] and attacked directly.

Gloor Summoned [tour] and [ss]ed another from his Deck! They soon became a [leviair] which brought back [rabbit], which was banished again to Summon 2 [saber].1 of them took down [kabaz] in battle while the other (and Leviair) attacked directly to reduce Quinsee to 1000 Life points. Gloor Xyz Summoned [laggia] in Main Phase 2.

Quinsee played [smash] and JG negated it with Laggia. Quinsee Set [kabaz] and passed before conceding next turn![/div]

Gloor levels the score!


Spectators were appreciating both Duelists' high quality of play.

3 minutes remained in the round as Quinsee started Duel 3. He started with [rabbit] and banished it to Summon 2 [kabaz]. He Xyz Summoned [laggia] and Set 3 Spells or Traps.

Gloor started with [hole], and Quinsee responded with [lance] to protect his Laggia as time was called. 5 turns would remain after this one. Gloor Summoned [guaiba] and [laggia] negated it. Gloor set 3 Spells or Traps.

Quinsee drew [tour] and Summoned it! Gloor negated its effect with [fiendish]. Laggia attacked directly and Gloor had [mf]. Quinsee had the [road] though and [sdd] was Summoned! Laggia and Stardust both attacked to reduce Gloor to 3100 Life Points.

Gloor Summoned [rabbit] and banished it to Summon 2 [kabaz] before Xyz Summon a [laggia] of his own. Laggia declared an attack and Quinsee also had a [fiendish]! Laggia attempted to negate it and [sdd] negated the Laggia, destroying it! He ended his turn.
Quinsee Set a monster and attacked with Laggia, and Gloor offered the handshake on his turn!

Jake Quinsee makes it to the Top 32!


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