Round 10: Long Dao (Mermail) vs. Peter Gross (Mermail)

We are in the final Round of Swiss! Peter Gross and Long Dao are both friends from Austria and are both playing a similarly unusual deck – Mermails with 54 and 53 cards respectively! Both Duelists are on the bubble so whoever wins here will be advancing to the top 32!

Dao started off with [undine] pitching [adrag] to get [a megalo] and [controller] to hand. He set two [st] before passing.

Gross drew and studied his hand… before realising he had forgotten to undo his Side Deck from the last round! He showed Dao and the table judge ruled that Gross would receive a game loss so we would start with game 2 in record time!

[h2]Long Dao starts 1-0![/h2]

Gross began game 2 with [diva] searching [ahi], he [ns]ed [adrag] and tuned the Infantry and Diva for [arm], before [xyz]ing [dweller]. He set a backrow and passed.

Dao [ns]ed [diva] and used it’s effect to [ss] [a mark]. He [synch]ed [tghl] and Dweller detached Dragoons for it’s effect before being destroyed in battle. Dragoons searched [a megalo] and Dao set a [st] before passing.

[undine] was next for Gross, pitching [adrag] for [controller] and [moulin]. Moulinglacia was [ss]ed and [mst] dealt with [fiendish], forcing through the effect to discard [undine] and [a pike] from Dao’s hand.

Librarian's books never stood a chance against Moulinglacia's elements!
Librarian's books never stood a chance against Moulinglacia's elements!

Attacks followed and Librarian went down. Gross flipped [asphere] for [a linde] and attacked for 1500 before passing.

LP: 4900 – 7300

[salvage] was Dao’s first play for [undine] and [diva]. He [ns]ed the Undine pitching [ahi] for a Genex Controller. Infantry destroyed Moulanglacia and Gross would skip his next Battle Phase. A set card threw play back to Gross, who bought out [leed] with Abysslinde when it went to the graveyard in the [ep].

He pitched [a mark] and [gunde] for [a megalo], which was met with a [fiendish]. Abyssgunde still got her effect and returned Abysslinde to the field. She was sent off for Leed’s effect to discard [adrag] from Dao’s hand and [11] followed shortly. Dao’s [undine] became Gross’ and he [xyz]ed [zenmaines] in defence.

Dao set a monster and when Gross dropped [a teus] on the next turn and used Big Eye’s effect we were in to game 3!

A perfect mix of attack and defence!
A perfect mix of attack and defence!

[h2]Gross starts his comeback and ties the game at 1-1![/h2]

Dao set a monster and let Gross have his first turn. He responded with 2 backrow cards and a monster.

[a megalo] was Dao’s first play, pitching 2 copies of [adrag] and searching [asphere], [diva] and [moulin]. He [ns]ed the Diva and used it’s effect to [ss] [a mark]. Marksman was sent for Megalo’s effect and [bth] was destroyed. A flipped [a linde] combined with Diva to make [catastor], and then it was time for [moulin]! Luckily for Gross he had [bts] to stop the effect, but that didn’t slow Dao down! [reborn] was slammed on the table and back came [a mark]! Gross looked at the field and could do nothing but shake his friend’s hand – the ensuing attacks would be more than enough to strip him of all his LP!

[h2]Long Dao will be progressing to the top 32 with a 8-2 record![/h2]

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