Round 10 Top Tables Update

17.07.2016 | 10:35 |

Almost there! Round 10 is up and running. There are two players still undefeated going into Round 10. That’s Imran Khanjadoon and Patrick Hoffman and only one of them will prevail.

At table 2 it’s YCS Prague finalist Collins Amiekhamhe still believing in his Kozmo Deck. He’s playing Greece player Christos Morikis, who’s piloting a Monarch Deck.


Table 3
Andrea Militano is the last remaining VIP player. He’s just mustering his field against Robert Bus.


Table 5
Quite obvious, a Burning Abyss mirror match a table 5. Niko Schlierkamp versus Lorenzo Roma.


Table 6
Italy places another top contender at table 6: Alessandro di Patria is still relying on his Burning Abyss Deck. Round 10 brought him a mirror match. Andreas Gerlach is playing the Phantom Knight Burning Abyss version.


Table 7
Steffen Eichelberger’s Monarchs have to stand their ground versus Alexander Rauch and his Kozmo Deck.


Table 8
At table 8 Alessio Giordani from Italy is playing against Marom Deutsch. It’s Monarchs vs. Majespecter.


Table 9
Simon Tsaitlin, the National Champion of Israel, is seated at table 9. His Majespecter Deck stood its ground. His opponent is Florian Behrend with Monarch. At the moment players are tied.