Round 11: Luke Quinsee (Dino Rabbit) vs. Patrick Hoban (Dino Rabbit)

25.03.2012 | 21:49 |

2 rounds to go! For Round 11 we’ve headed to Table 16 to look at British Duelist Luke Quinsee and Patrick Hoban from Athens, Georgia. Both Duelists are “on the bubble” and playing Dino Rabbit, so this could go either way!

Both Quinsee brothers have a Feature Match this round!

Quinsee Set a monster and 2 Spell/Trap Cards. Hoban Summoned Jurrac Guaiba and declared an attack. Quinsee discarded Maxx "C" and Sangan was destroyed (giving him a free Rescue Rabbit). Hoban didn’t Summon another Guaiba. Hoban set 2 cards and lost one to Mystical Space Typhoon. Quinsee Summoned Rescue Rabbit and banished it for 2 Kabazauls before Summoning Evolzar Laggia. Laggia took down Guaiba in battle. Hoban Summoned his own Rescue Rabbit and banished it (he had 3 Normal Monsters in his hand by the way) to Summon 2 Kabazauls. Hoban Xyz Summoned Number 39: Utopia and Quinsee attempted to negate its Summon. Hoban Chained with Fiendish Chain and Quinsee had Solemn Judgment! Utopia went down. Quinsee Summoned Tour Guide From the Underworld! He brought out another copy and Xyz Summoned Leviair the Sea Dragon. It brought back Rescue Rabbit which then Summoned 2 Kabazauls, which was enough to seal Duel 1!

1-0 to the UK (again)!

Patrick Hoban's no stranger to the Feature Match table.

Hoban kicked off Duel 2 with Rescue Rabbit! It brought out 2 Sabersaurus which let him Xyz Summon Evolzar Laggia. He followed it up with 1 Set card. Quinsee played Dark Hole which Laggia negated, then he Summoned his own Rescue Rabbit! 2 copies of Kabazauls were Summoned and one of them attacked Laggia. Quinsee played Forbidden Lance to run over Hoban’s Laggia, and the second Kabazauls was banished with Dimensional Prison. Quinsee Set 2 cards to finish. Hoban set a monster and Spell/Trap. Quinsee attacked into Gellenduo (nice tech)!

It's a super shiny sparkly safe card to play!

Hoban Set another monster. Quinsee attacked into the Snowman Eater which destroyed it, and then lost his newest set card to Mystical Space Typhoon. Hoban Summoned Sangan, attacked directly and Xyz Summoned Wind-Up Zenmaines. Quinsee Set a monster. Hoban Summoned Sabersaurus and attacked into Quinsee’s Snowman Eater, which destroyed it. Quinsee passed. Hoban Summoned Tour Guide From the Underworld! Quinsee discarded Maxx "C" for a free card as Hoban Summoned another Tour Guide. He set Solemn Warning Quinsee Summoned Sabersaurus which was negated by Warning. He set a Spell/Trap. Hoban Xyz Summoned Number 17: Leviathan Dragon and detached a Tour Guide. It was then promptly destroyed by Mirror Force. Quinsee Set another Spell/Trap. Hoban Set a back row card. Quinsee passed. Hoban Set another card.

Epic play imminent, take notes!

Quinsee Summoned Sangan and Xyz Summoned Leviair the Sea Dragon. Its effect brought back Rescue Rabbit after Hoban played Maxx "C". Quinsee took Gellenduo with Mind Control and used it to Xyz Summon Number 39: Utopia! Hoban played Torrential Tribute and Quinsee Chained with Book of Moon on Zenmaines and Forbidden Lance to protect Leviair the Sea Dragon. Leviair attacked directly. Quinsee Set a card to finish. Hoban Set a monster and 2 more cards. Quinsee flipped Heavy Storm! Hoban Chained Forbidden Lance to weaken Leviair the Sea Dragon but that didn’t stop Rescue Rabbit returning to the field and a Evolzar Dolkka Summon soon after. Dolkka negated the Snowman Eater it destroyed and Leviair attacked directly. Hoban Summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh and Quinsee negated it with Solemn Warning. Hoban then offered the handshake during Quinsee’s next turn!

Luke Quinsee’s one step closer to Top 64!