Round 11: Phi-Long Ly (HERO) vs Maximillian Weiss (Mermail)

[p]The final round of Swiss sees French Duelist Phi-Long Ly compete against German Duelist Maximillian Weiss. Whoever wins here has a good shot of making Top 32 so let’s get right to the action.[/p]

Ly travelled here from Strasbourg with his HERO Deck.

[div]Weiss started with 2 Set cards.

Ly opened with [ecall] to search for [alius], which he Summoned and used to attack directly. He finished his turn Setting 2 cards, losing one of them to [mst].

Weiss Summoned [diva], which Ly decided to stop with [warning]. [hole] destroyed [alius].

Ly Summoned [tkr] and attacked directly.

Weiss Set 1 card.

Ly played [storm] and Weiss Chained [ced] to bounce [tkr]. Ly followed up with [reborn] on [alius] and Summoned [stratos] to search for [bubble]. He Xyz Summoned [b]Heroic Champion – Excalibur[/b], used its effect and attacked directly. He Set 1 card to finish.

Weiss played [storm], destroying [mst]. With 200 Life Points remaining he had to be careful with his next move. He Summoned [diva], followed by [amark], [synch]ing [catastor], which took down Excalibur.

Ly Set a card and Summoned [tkr], followed by [bubble]! He Xyz Summoned [cowboy] and that was enough to seal Duel 1.[/div]

Ly’s HERO Deck takes Duel 1!


Weiss will need to win 2 Duels straight or he won't make Top 32.

[div]Weiss started Duel 2 with a Set [st].

Ly played [pod] to add [rota] to his hand, which in turn gave him [stratos]. Stratos was Summoned and Ly added [alius] to his hand. Stratos attacked directly and Ly Set a [st], which was destroyed by [mst].

Weiss Summoned [diva] but [veiler] negated its effect so he Set a card.

Ly’s Stratos ran over Diva.

Weiss Summoned [amark]. [soul taker] destroyed Stratos and Marksman attacked directly. Ly dropped [gorz] as Weiss Summoned [adrag], which took down the Token. Weiss set 1 card.

Ly destroyed the recently set card with [mst] and Summoned [alius]. Both of his monsters took down Weiss’ and he Set a card, losing it to [mst].

Weiss cleared the field with [hole] and set 1 [st].

Ly passed.

Weiss revealed [teus] and discarded a card to Summon it. [veiler] negated [teus]’ effect as Weiss added [diva] to his hand. He Summoned it and [amark], attacking directly with all 3 monsters, followed by the [adrag] he Summoned off of Marksman. In [mp2] Weiss Summoned [dewloren] and sent back his other 2 monsters.

Ly Summoned [bubble] and played [superpoly] to get [zero], which attacked into [mf].

Weiss Summoned another [teus], followed by [linde] to level the Match.[/div]

Weiss levels the score!


It took a while, but we finally found something colder than the weather outside!

[div][br]Ly opened Duel 3 with [banisher] and 3 Set cards!

Weiss played [pike] which was halted by [warning] before he set 2 [st]s.

Ly used [rota] to search for [stratos], which in turn search for [alius]. He turned [banisher] to [def] and attacked with Stratos. [mst] destroyed one of his set cards in the End Phase.

Weiss Summoned [linde] which was negated by [warning] as he set 1 card.

Ly attacked with Stratos and turned [banisher] to [atk] before Setting a [st].

Weiss Summoned [diva] and [ahi] to Xyz Summon [ggg].

Ly passed.

Weiss passed also.

Ly passed again.

Weiss Summoned [linde] which was banished by [bth].

Ly passed once again.

Weiss passed.

Ly played [pod] to add [superpoly] to his hand before Setting a card.

Weiss Set his third [st].

Ly played [superpoly], fusing his Stratos and [ggg] to Summon [b]Elemental HERO Gaia[/b], which attacked directly.

Weiss played [mst] to destroy [hblast]. [ced] got rid of [banisher] and Weiss Summoned [megalo]. Ly drew a card for [maxx]. [ahi] destroyed Gaia and Veiler stopped Megalo, which attacked once.

Ly played [mst] on [asphere], which brought out [linde] and then [pike] in its place. Pike got Weiss [gunde]. Ly Summoned [alius] and ran over Pike. He then played [superpoly] to eliminate [megalo] and drop [zero], which attacked directly for game![/div]

Ly keeps his chances of Top 32 alive with a 2-1 victory!


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