Round 11: Vincent Ralambomiadana (Dragon Rulers) vs Jake Quinsee (Evilswarm)

01.12.2013 | 13:13 |

Round 11 has begun here at YCS Turin and we’ve got a great matchup here! Vincent Ralambomiadana versus Jake Quinsee. Will Quinsee’s Evilswarm all over Ralambomiadana’s Dragons? Or will Ralambomiadana’s Dragons stomp Quinsee out! Let’s find out!

“He’ll either win in ten minutes or I’ll win in thirty-five, that’s how it goes” says Ralambomiadana as he sits across from Quinsee.
[b]Game One[/b]

Evilswarm is the best kind of swarm!

Quinsee opens with a great Normal Summon of [ev castor] and a further Normal Summon of [ev helio]. He Xyz Summons [ev oph] and detaches to get [i pand] to his hand. He sets three [fd] [sts] and passes.

Ralambomiadana activates [7ss] and removes his [blaster] and brings another [blaster] to his hand. He activates his [ravine] and delves its depths by discarding a [debris] and finding a [tidal]. No option left he ends.

Quinsee Normal Summons another [ev castor] and detaches from [ev oph] to get another [i pand]. He Normal Summons a [ev kery] which allows him to Summon [ev helio]. He attacks with his [ev kery] only to be stopped by a [scarecrow]. It doesn’t worry him much as he activates [i infect] and [ev kery] goes back to the Deck to search for a second [ev kery]. He then attacks directly and in [mp2] Xyz Summons a second [ev oph]! [ev oph] detaches and get another [i pand] to hand!

Ralambomiadana discards a [blaster] and [f guard] to destroy [ev oph] and activates [terraforming] and gets another [ravine] and discards it to search for [trigon]. He Normal Summons [debris] and Special Summons [trigon]. At least he tries to, but he’s blocked by [vane]! Ralambomiadana concedes.

[b]Quinsee wins Game One![/b]
[b]Game Two [/b]

Dragon Lords will prevail!

Ralambomiadana goes first and kicks it off with a [consonance] discarding a [corseca]. Not getting a bite, he ends his turn there.

Quinsee simply Normal Summons a [ev helio] and attacks directly. He sets two [fd] [sts] and passes.

[blaster] and [trigon] are discarded and a [bom] bites the dust! [mst] is next up on the plate, and the [dress] is Chained on [ev helio]. Ralambomiadana banishes his [corseca] and [tdrag] to Special Summon [tidal]! [tdrag] makes an appearance in his hand. [debris] is Normal Summoned and [trigon] Special Summoned, all leading to a Synchro Summon of [afd]. He attacks and then Xyz Summons a [sack].

Time for Quinsee to bite back! He Special Summons two [ev mand] and Xyz Summons [cowboy]! He detaches for the effect and then Normal Summons [ev kery] allowing him to Normal Summon a [ev helio]! He attacks and in [mp2] Xyz Summons [ev oph], detaching to bring [i pand] to hand. He sets his deadly two [fd] [sts] and gestures his opponents move.

Ralambomiadana isn’t falling for it, and Sets his own [fd] [st] and a Monster in [fd] [def]. Quinsee activates [pwwb] in the End Phase to get rid of Ralambomiadana’s [fd] [st]!

Quinsee attacks into Ralambomiadana’s [fd] Monster, which happens to be a [ferret]! The ferocious [ferret] destroyed [ev oph] and Quinsee attacks directly.

Ralambomiadana banishes his familiar [ferret] and [afd] to Special Summon [blaster] and Quinsee activates [soul drain] but it doesn’t stop [blaster]. [tdrag] is next to be Special summoned and Ralambomiadana attacks for the win!

[b]Ralambomiadana wins Game Two![/b]
[b]Game Three[/b]
“Bubble match in Game Three, lovely!” declares Quinsee as he Side Decks. He foes first and opens with an [upstart]! He sets two [fd] [sts], his face unsure.

Ralambomiadana senses his time is now and uses [7ss] to remove [redox] and bring [redox] to hand. He discards two [tdrag] and gets a [blaster] to his hand, and then runs out of steam ending with a set [fd] [st]. In the End Phase Quinsee gets rid of his set [pwwb].

Quinsee replaces the spot where [mst] once stood and ends his turn.

[redox] banishes [tdrag] and [tidal] and slams to the field. [maxx] gives Quinsee a gift of card draw. [tdrag] and [tidal] bring [tidal] and [debris] to hand. Happy he’ll be safe he passes his turn.

Quinsee sets two cards, not having any luck in the Monster Card department. In the End Phase [redox] bounces happily back to hand.

Quinsee starts Ralambomiadana’s turn for him with an [iiw]. Ralambomiadana doesn’t appreciate it, and quickly knocks down the wall with a [blaster], discarding his [f guard]! He Special Summons [redox] by banishing [tidal] and [tdrag] but doesn’t get to search as Quinsee advises that would be a [mistake]. He attacks directly and in [mp2] Normal Summons his [debris] and Special Summons [f guard] allowing him to Synchro Summon [scrap dragon]! Quinsee senses the threat and uses [bom] on [scrap dragon]. Ralambomiadana sets a [fd] [st] and awaits the moment he can crush his opponent, baited like a tiger in a cage!

Quinsee looks down at the field, looks up at Ralambomiadana and simply says the words “[hole]”! He sets one [fd] [st] and, happy he now had a little board advantage, leaves his turn there.

Ralambomiadana leaves everything to lady luck and Normal Summons [snipe]! His first shot misses with a roll of 1 but the second hits with a roll of 5! [snipe] hunter destroys [i pand] and Ralambomiadana banishes [redox] and [debris] to Special Summon [blaster] and [redox] searches for another [redox]. He attacks directly and decimates Quinsee’s [lp].

Quinsee finally gets some Monsters to play! He Normal Summons [ev castor] and Normal Summons [ev helio]. [ev helio] attacks [debris] and then he Xyz Summons [ev oph]! Quinsee looks relieved to finally get to do some real damage! Then the relief fades, and [pwwb] clears [ev oph] back to his Extra Deck.

Ralambomiadana banishes [redox] and [scrap dragon] to Special Summon Blaster and Quinsee barks a [sw].

Quinsee can see the end is near and uses an [upstart] to attempt to gain some advantage. He sets a [fd] Monster and ends his turn. Ralambomiadana has it in the bag though and uses his [ravine] to send [ferret] to the Graveyard and fill it full with [corseca]. He removes [ferret] and [f guard] to Special Summon [blaster], Normal Summons [corseca] and attacks for game!
[b] Ralambomiadana wins 2-1![/b]