Round 13 Feature Match: Luka Sterbic vs George Abatzidis

George Abatzidis hails from Greece, and has brought X-Sabers to this event. Luka Sterbic is the 2009 Croatian National Champion, and is running Frog Monarchs today. Both of these Duelists are 9-3 heading in to this Round, so whoever wins this Match will have a great chance at making the Top 8.

Sterbic won the die roll and chose to go first. He discarded Treeborn Frog to Special Summon Swap Frog, sending Ronintoadin to the Graveyard. He Tributed Swap Frog to Summon Vanity’s Fiend and ended his turn.

Abatzidis started off with Gold Sarcophagus, selecting Rescue Cat. He Set 2 cards to his back row before ending.

Sterbic attacked directly with Vanity’s Fiend, and Set a monster.

Abatzidis set a Monster Card of his own. He would get Rescue Cat next turn.

Sterbic attacked Abatzidis’ Set XX-Saber Emmersblade, whose effect couldn’t activate because of Vanity’s Fiend. Sterbic ended his turn with no further plays.

Abatzidis drew for his turn, added Rescue Cat to his hand, and read Vanity’s Fiend’s effect. He Summoned the Cat, and activated Torrential Tribute. Sterbic’s Set Substitoad was destroyed along with his Vanity’s Fiend. Abatzidis played another copy of Gold Sarcophagus before ending his turn, this time selecting XX-Saber Boggart Knight.

Sterbic Special Summoned Treeborn Frog, Tributed it for Dark Dust Spirit, and attacked directly for 2200 Life Points. In Main Phase 2, Sterbic removed the Swap Frog in his Graveyard from play to Special Summon Ronintoadin. Dark Dust Spirit was returned to his hand in the End Phase.

Abatzidis Set XX-Saber Emmersblade and passed.

Sterbic Special Summoned Treeborn Frog again and Abatzidis activated Mind Crush, declaring Soul Exchange. Sterbic lost 2 copies of Soul Exchange from his hand, and Tributed Ronintoadin to Set Dark Dust Spirit.

Abatzidis Normal Summoned XX-Saber Boggart Knight, Special Summoned XX-Saber Fulhelmknight with its effect and then Special Summoned XX-Saber Faultroll! He Tuned his Emmersblade and Fulhelmknight so Synchro Summon Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier. Faultroll’s effect got Abatzidis his Fulhelmknight from the Graveyard, he discarded a card to send Dark Dust Spirit away and attacked with everything for the win in Duel 1!

George Abatzidis


 Sterbic opened Duel 2 with a hand of Swap Frog, 2 copies of Soul Exchange, Spiritual Water Art – Aoi, Caius the Shadow Monarch and Vanity’s Fiend. He Normal Summoned Swap Frog, sent Treeborn Frog to the Graveyard with its effect and set his Water Art.

Abatzidis drew for his turn and Sterbic activated his Spiritual Water Art – Aoi, tributing Swap Frog, Aoi. Abatzidis revealed a hand of XX-Saber Faultroll, Solemn Judgment, Bottomless Trap Hole, Book of Moon and Mask of Restrict. Mask of Restrict was discarded and he Set a Spell or Trap Card.

Sterbic Special Summoned Treeborn Frog from his Graveyard. He Normal Summoned Substitoad and Tributed Treeborn to Summon Swap Frog from his Deck, which sent Ronintoadin to the Graveyard. Swap Frog was Tributed for another copy, this time sending Sterbic’s second Treeborn Frog to the Graveyard. He attacked directly with Substitoad and Swap Frog before returning Substitoad to his hand with Swap Frog’s effect in Main Phase 2.

Abatzidis drew for his turn and Set 3 Spells or Traps.

Sterbic Summoned Treeborn Frog on his turn and Tributed it for Vanity’s Fiend, which was destroyed by Bottomless Trap Hole. He attacked directly with Swap Frog. In Main Phase 2, he Special Summoned Ronintoadin from his Graveyard in Defence Position, completing his turn.

Abatzidis passed his turn.

Sterbic Summoned Treeborn Frog again and Tributed it for Jinzo! He attacked directly with Swap Frog. Jinzo then declared an attack and was flipped face-down by Abatzidis’ Book of Moon. Sterbic returned Swap Frog to his hand and passed.

Abatzidis drew to 5 cards in-hand and Set a monster.

Sterbic Summoned Treeborn Frog in his Standby Phase. He Flip Summoned his Jinzo but was hit with a Solemn Judgment, negating Jinzo’s Summon. Abatzidis went down to 2450 Life Points, Sterbic Tributed Treeborn for Caius the Shadow Monarch and Abatzidis conceded!

Luka Sterbic

Abatzidis kicked off the final Duel by Setting a monster and 2 Spells/Traps.

Sterbic drew for his turn and Abatzidis flipped Trap Dustshoot. Sterbic revealed Light and Darkness Dragon, Spiritual Water Art – Aoi, Battle Fader, Swap Frog, Mind Crush and Enemy Controller. Swap Frog was sent back to his Deck. He Set Mind Crush and passed.

Abatzidis  Tributed his Set XX-Saber Darksoul for Cyber Dragon and attacked directly. He Set another Spell or Trap and added X-Saber Airbellum to his hand in the End Phase.

Sterbic drew Ronintoadin and Set it.

Sterbic activated Mind Crush during Abatzidis’ Standby Phase, declaring X-Saber Airbellum which was discarded. Abatzidis revealed the XX-Saber Faultroll, Saber Slash and Gold Sarcophagus in his hand. He activated Gold Sarcophagus, and would get Rescue Cat in 2 turns. Cyber Dragon destroyed Ronintoadin in battle and he ended his turn.

Sterbic drew Raigeki Break and Set it.

Abatzidis attacked directly with Cyber Dragon.

Sterbic Set Enemy Controller and passed.

Abatzidis added Rescue Cat to his hand with the effect of Gold Sarcophagus. He activated Giant Trunade, and Sterbic Chained Raigeki Break, discarding Spiritual Water Art – Aoi to destroy Cyber Dragon. Abatzidis Summoned Rescue Cat, used its effect to Special Summon XX-Saber Darksoul and X-Saber Airbellum, and Special Summoned 2 copies of XX-Saber Faultroll! His first Faultroll Special Summoned XX-Saber Darksoul from the Graveyard before being Tuned with X-Saber Airbellum to Summon XX-Saber Gottoms. Abatzidis Tributed Darksoul for Gottoms’ effect, discarding Light and Darkness Dragon from his opponent’s hand. He Tributed another Darksoul to discard Caius the Shadow Monarch, clearly looking to discard a Battle Fader so that he can attack safely. His second Faultroll Summoned X-Saber Airbellum from the Graveyard, which was Tributed for Gottoms to finally discard the Battle Fader from Sterbic’s hand, after which Sterbic conceded!

George Abatzidis will now head in to the final Round with a great chance of making the Top 8. Sterbic will have to win his next match and hope for good tiebreakers to do the same.

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