Round 2 Feature Match: Andrea Davoli vs. Alessandro Donato

Today’s Round 2 Feature Match is an Italian derby as Andrea Davoli from Parma faces Alessandro Donato, a 14-year-old Duelists from right here in Milan! Davoli is running Gravekeepers while Donato has brought his Quickdraw Deck to the table. Which Deck will come out on top? We’re about to find out!


Alessandro Donato didn't have far to travel today, he lives in Milan!

Davoli won the die roll and chose to go first, starting with [necrov], before Normal Summoning [gk des].

Donato Set a Monster and a Spell or Trap on his turn.

Davoli attacked with Descendant into [ryko], which destroyed Descendant with its effect. Donato sent [book], [mst] and [warning] to the Graveyard. Davoli summon another Descendant, which was removed from play with [bth].
Donato Set [sangan] and passed.

Davoli Summoned [gk com], attacked the [sangan] (Donato added [lonefire] to his hand with its effect), and Set a Spell or Trap.

Donato played [hole] to clear the field. He then tried to Summon [lonefire], but Davoli negated the Summon with [judgment]. He Set a Spell or Trap card to finish.

Davoli Summoned [gk ass] and discarded the [gk com] in his hand to get [necrov], which he played. After this he activated [r trib] and Donato lost his entire hand! [debris], [glowup] and [ryko] were discarded while Davoli lost nothing (he had no monsters in his hand). Davoli activated [stele] to return Commandant and descendant to his hand, and [gk ass] attacked directly, boosted by [necrov].

Donato activated [foolish], sending [dandy] to the Graveyard to Summon 2 [fluff][s]. Next, he sent [spore] form the top of this Deck to the graveyard to Summon [glowup]. He Tuned the Bulb with a [fluff] to Summon [fsynch] in Defence Position, drawing a card for Formula’s effect. He then tried to remove a Plant-type from play to Summon [spore], but couldn’t because of [necrov].

Davoli destroyed [fsynch] in battle with [gk ass].

Donato Normal Summoned [lonefire], Special Summoned [tyt] with its effect, and attacked over [gk ass].

Davoli drew [stele]. He activated [hole], destroying [tyt] and the remaining [fluff]. After this he Normal Summoned [gk des] and attacked directly for 2100 points of damage.

Donato Special Summoned [qd] in Defence Position (discarding [caius]), doing what he could to stay in the Duel.

Davoli drew [trunade], returning Donato’s Set card to his hand. He followed up with [stele] and Donato conceded!

Davoli’s Gravekeepers win Duel 1!


Andrea Davoli's running Gravekeepers today.

Donato chose to start Duel 2 with a Set monster and 2 Spells or Traps.

Davoli drew [mf] and discarded [gk com] for [necrov], which he activated. He then Set a monster and a Spell or Trap.

Donato played [tuning] to add [qd] from his deck to his hand, while also sending [glowup] to the Graveyard. He discarded [dandy] to Summon [qd] and 2 [fluff][s], before sending [debris] from his Deck to the Graveyard to Summon the [glowup] he just sent there. Donato Tuned it with a [fluff] for [fsynch] to draw a card. He then Tuned the other [fluff] with [qd] for [drill]. Next he Flip-Summoned [hamster], Summoning a face-down [ryko] from his Deck. Next, he Normal Summoned [spore], and Tuned with [hamster] for [catastor], his third Synchro Summon this turn! [drill] attacked, and Davoli flipped [mf]. Donato chained [book] to save [drill], but [catastor] was still destroyed. Donato ended his turn.

Davoli activated [mst], using it to destroy [warning]. He then checked his opponent’s Graveyard before Flip Summoning [gk guard], sending [fsynch] back. Next he played [hole] to clear the field! He Summoned [gk des] after this, but lost out to [mf] when he tried to attack directly.

Donato Set a Spell or Trap on his turn.

Davoli drew another [mst], and destroyed the Set [hole] with it.

Donato Set another Spell or Trap.

Davoli Set [spy] and passed.

Donato summoned [tkr] and thought about what Monster Davoli had Set. ([necrov] would give his Spy another 500 DEF) He played it safe by ending his turn.

Davoli Flip Summoned his Spy, and Donato flipped [warning], negating Spy’s effect and destroying it. Davoli ended his turn.

Donato attacked directly with Thunder King for 1900 points of damage.

Davoli Summoned [gk ass] and attacked over Thunder King thanks to the extra 500 ATK from [necrov].

Donato Set a monster and passed.

Davoli drew another Assailant, attacked with on-field copy, and destroyed Donato’s Sangan. Donato added [lonefire] to his hand and Davoli Tributed his Assailant for [visionary].

Donato drew for his turn and Set a monster.

Davoli attacked with [visionary] into [ryko], and discarded [gk ass] to keep his Visionary on the field. Donato sent 2 copies of [bth] and a [lonefire] to the Graveyard.

Donato Set a monster, trying to hold off Davoli long enough to mount a counter-attack.

Davoli attacked with Visionary again, this time flipping [snowman] over, and he discarded another Gravekeeper to protect it. He then Set a monster, completing his turn.

Donato discard [debris] to Special Summon [qd], and then Normal Summoned [lonefire] before Synchro Summoning [junk d]. He destroyed [visionary] with its effect, and then attacked Davoli’s [gk guard], which sent [junk d] back to the Extra Deck.

Davoli Set a Spell or Trap.

Donato drew [mst] and destroyed [necrov].

Davoli flipped over [rite] on his turn. He Summoned a 3600 ATK [visionary] (Davoli had 8 Gravekeeper monsters in his Graveyard) and attacked directly!

Donato needed to draw something to keep him in the game. He drew for his turn, breathed a sigh of relief and then Summoned [consecrated]! Davoli could no longer attack with his DARK monsters (every monster in his Deck was DARK) or Normal or Special Summon any more.

Consecrated could shut down every monster in Davoli's deck!

Davoli Set [tt] and ended his turn, unable to do anything thanks to [consecrated].

Donato Set a Spell or Trap.

Davoli drew Magical Dimension and Set it.

Donato passed on his turn, making no plays.

Davoli drew [stele] and passed.

Donato Set another Spell or Trap.

Davoli drew [rites] and played Stele to return [gk com] and [gk guard] to his hand. He discarded Commandant to get a [necrov] from his Deck, which he activated before Setting a [gk guard].

Donato Tributed [consecrated] to Summon [caius]. Caius removed [visionary] from play and Davoli lost 1000 Life Points.

Davoli activated [r trib] and Donato discard [snowman], while Davoli revealed [book] (again having no monsters in his hand). He Flip Summoned [gk guard], returning Caius to Donato’s hand. After this he activated [rites] and Summoned [gk com] from his Graveyard, which was stopped by [book] when he tried to attack directly.

Donato drew for his turn and passed.

Davoli flipped Commandant to Attack Position and attacked directly, and Donato conceded once he saw his next card!

Andrea Davoli goes 2-0 with Gravekeepers!


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