Round 2 Feature Match: Merlin Schumacher vs Pavel Jakubec

[p]The Feature Match for Round 2 pits Germany’s Merlin Schumacher against Pavel Jakubec from the Czech Republic! Schumacher has brought his “Dragunity Assault” Deck to the table, hoping to add another win to his dueling career (he finished in the Top 4 at the German National Championship in 2007). This is Jakubec’s first major tournament outside of his home country, let’s see how both Duelists get on![/p]

Will Schumacher Summon his unexpected tech card in this Match?

[p]Jakubec won the die roll and chose to go first, starting with [foolish] to send [fishborg] to the Graveyard. He then [ss] [swap] by discarding [tree]. Next, he discarded [coel] for [fishborg] and Tributed both to [ns] his other Coelacanth. With Coelacanth’s effect Jakubec discarded [poa] to [ss] 2 [oyster] and 2 [fishborg], all in [def]. [oyster] and [fishborg] were Tuned together for [arm] and an [otoken] was [ss]ed. Jakubec Tuned the Token with [fishborg] to Summon [fsynch] and draw [dupe]. He discard [dupe] for [fishborg], tune with [coel] for [stardust], and then Tuned the [stardust] with [fsynch] for [shooting]. Jakubec equipped [arm] to [shooting] and ended his turn with no hand.[/p]
Jakubec goes all out on Turn 1!

[p]Schumacher drew his sixth card ([terraforming]) and reads [shooting] before playing the [terraforming] to get [ravine], which was activated. Schumacher discarded [7tools] for [ravine]'[s] to add [dux] to his hand. Schumacher then used [reborn] to [ss] [fsynch], [ns]ed [dux], and [synch]ed [brionac]. Brionac’s effect sent [shooting] back to the Extra Deck (and [arm] to the graveyard since it was no longer equipped to a monster) and attacked over [oyster].[/p]

Jakubec drew [gorz] (his only card), Summoned [tree] in his Standby Phase and passed.

Schumacher discarded [aklys] for [ravine] to get a [phalanx] and ended.

[p]Jakubec drew [dupe], discarded it to [ss] [fishborg], and Tuned it to his [tree] to Summon [fsynch]. Jakubec drew [econ] and completed his turn.[/p]

[p]Schumacher used the effect of [ravine], discarding [phalanx] to send [leyvataen] to the Graveyard. He then [ns]ed [dux], equipped it with [phalanx], and removed Dux from play to [ss] [leyvataen], which he then equipped with [phalanx]. Next, Schumacher [ss]ed [phalanx], and [synch]ed [trident]. [trident] destroyed Schumacher’s [ravine] and [mst] so that he could attack 3 times. [brionac] took down [fsynch], [trident] attacked and Schumacher had the [warning] to get rid of [gorz] for game![/p]

Trident Dragion blasts away Jakubec’s Life Points in Duel 1!


This is Pawel Jakubec's first tournament outside his home country!

Both Duelists talked strategy and advice while Side-Decking before Jakubec started Duel 2 by Setting [dupe] and [econ].

Schumacher Set 1 monster and 3 Spells or Traps.

[p]Jakubec drew [tree] and activated [hole], destroying [dupe] and [aklys]. Jakubec added [swap] to his hand, and Schumacher got rid of it with [mcrush]! Jakubec revealed [gorz], [trag], [141] and [tree] to complete [mcrush]'[s] effect before Setting [tree] and ending.[/p]

Schumacher drew and passed.

Jakubec drew [coel] and made no plays on his turn.

Schumacher Set a Spell or Trap on his turn.

Jakubec drew [econ] and passed.

Schumacher set another Spell or Trap, giving him 4 now, and passed back to Jakubec.

[p]Jakubec drew [mst] and hit Schumacher’s [warning] with it! He followed up with [141], discard [trag] to [ss] [fishborg], and Tributing both for [coel]. Schumacher flipped his Set [judgment] and saved himself from a flurry of Fish.[/p]

[p]Schumacher activated [consonance] discarding [phalanx] to draw 2. “I Summon the Dux” was the next thing he announced as [dux] equipped get [phalanx] from the Graveyard. Phalanx was Special Summoned and Schumacher Synchro Summoned [vajrayana] which equipped the same Phalanx before being used to Synchro Summon [phalanx]. Schumacher entered his Battle Phase, and Jakubec flipped over his [econ], but Schumacher had [asactivate]! He Tributed [stardust] to Summon [sdam], which negated [gorz]’ effect after attacking directly![/p]

Assault Mode..... ACTIVATE!!

[p]Jakubec drew [oyster], [ss]ed [tree] and activated [econ], trying to take Schumacher’s [sdam]. Stardust Assault negated the effect and [tree] was Summoned again. Jakubec discarded [oyster] for [fishborg], and Tuned his 2 monsters together so Summon [fsynch]. Schumacher activated [veiler] to negate Formula’s effect, as he didn’t want Jakubec drawing something that could turn the Duel around.[/p]

[p]Schumacher activated the effect of [ravine], discarding [phalanx] to send [leyvataen] to the Graveyard. He then [ns]ed [legionnaire], got back [phalanx] again and removed Legionnaire to Summon [leyvataen]. Leyvataen equipped Phalanx and Schumacher [ss]ed [phalanx] so Summon [trident]. Trident wiped out the cards Schumacher no longer needed and he attacked directly to with the Match![/p]

[trident] and [sdam] seal the Duels for Merlin Schumacher!

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