Round 2 Feature Match: Michel Grüner vs. Jake Quinsee

In the second round of the YCS Bochum Michel Grüner from Germany played against Jake Quinsee from Manchester, England. After both Duelists shuffled their Decks for a while, Grüner won the dice roll with his “4” over Quinsee’s “1” which gave Grüner the privilege to start this Match.

Michel Grüner heading for a good start into the tournament
Michel Grüner heading for a good start into the tournament

Grüner opened with one face-down Monster and one face-down Spell/Trap.

Quinsee then activated [b]Pot of Duality[/b], revealing [tt], [bogknight] and [emmersblade]. He thought for a few seconds and then chose [bogknight], shuffling the two other cards into his Deck again. Then, he Set a Monster Card and two Spell/Traps.

Grüner flipped his [hamster] to which Quinsee responded with [b]Solemn Warning[/b]. Grüner obviously didn’t like this, he just Set another monster and Spell/Trap and ended his turn.

Quinsee revealed his own [hamster] and used its effect to Special Summon an [darksoul] from his Deck to the field. After asking for Grüner’s amount of cards in his hand, he Set another monster and play was back to Grüner.

Grüner first checked his Set cards to subsequently Summon his [fulhelm] and enter his Battle Phase. He declared an attack with his [fulhelm] and Quinsee accepted the 200 damage dealt to his Life Points. In his Main Phase 2, Grüner Set another back row card and ended his turn.

Quinsee Set another face-down Monster Card and ended his turn.

Grüner was now staring at the cards laying on field for a while. Then, he just passed.

Quinsee first asked again for Grüner’s amount of cards in his hand, then he activated [cold wave] to which Grüner had no response. So, Quinsee flipped yet another [hamster] to Special Summon another [darksoul]. Then, he Summoned [b]Debris Dragon[/b] but didn’t activate the effect because he already had 5 monsters. After that, he Synchro Summoned [b]Debris Dragon[/b] and [darksoul] to [brd] to destroy all the cards on the field. After Grüner had chosen [b]Effect Veiler[/b] for his destroyed [b]Sangan[/b], Quinsee entered his End Phase in order to retrieve 1 [faultroll], 1 [bogknight] and 1 [pashuul].

Now Grüner had to do something but he couldn’t activate any Spell/Trap due to [cold wave]. He just passed.

Quinsee drew into [reborn] and let out a “Wow…”. Grüner asked whether he had topped the [reborn] and Quinsee confirmed Grüner’s assumption. He immediately activated it, Special Summoning [darksoul]. Then he Summoned [pashuul] followed by [faultroll]; not activating its effect. He Tuned [darksoul] and [pashuul] to [b]Naturia Beast[/b] and used [faultroll]’s effect to Special Summon [pashuul]. Eventually, he attacked with all of his monsters and brought Grüner down to 3300 Life Points. In his Main Phase 2, he used [pashuul] and [faultroll] to Synchro Summon [b]Stardust Dragon[/b] and retrieved yet another [fulhelm] thanks to his [darksoul].

Quinsee sought indestructibility!
Quinsee sought indestructibility!

After a lot of thinking, Grüner decided to Set two Spells/Traps and one Monster Card.

Quinsee was now trying to find out what Grüner could possibly have lying down there. Afterwards, he wanted to end his Main Phase 1 to which Grüner activated [b]Effect Veiler[/b]’s effect targetting [b]Stardust Dragon[/b]. Quinsee apparently didn’t like this too much and ended his turn.

Grüner flipped his [bogknight] and Summoned [fulhelm] to Synchro Summon [urbellum]. [urbellum] attacked [b]Naturia Beast[/b] in order to destroy both monsters and Grüner entered his second Main Phase. There, he activated [reborn] targetting his [sangan] and Special Summoning it in Defense Position.

Quinsee now Summoned [bogknight], activating its effect for [fulhelm]. Then, he Special Summoned [faultroll], activated its effect for [pashuul] and Synchro Summoned [hyunlei] with the help of [pashuul] and [bogknight] which allowed him to destroy Grüner’s two back row cards. Grüner revealed his Set [mf] and [bom] and both Duelists knew that Quinsee had won the first game of the Match!

Jake was 1:0 ahead!


Grüner opened the second game with one Monster Card and one Spell/Trap.

Quinsee just did the same.

Grüner then flipped [hamster] to Special Summon [darksoul]. He Set another monster and play was to Quinsee again.

He flipped his [emmersblade] and attacked Grüner’s [hamster]. Then, Quinsee ended his turn.

Grüner flipped his [darksoul] and then Summoned [fulhelm]. Then, he Synchro Summoned those two monsters to [hyunlei] and Quinsee responded with his Set [bth]. So, Grüner could only enter his End Phase to search for [pashuul].

Quinsee thought for a moment while Grüner was asking for the time remaining: Only 90 seconds! So, he Set a monster.

Grüner now Summoned [bogknight] and Special Summoned [pashuul] in Defense Position with [bogknight]’s effect. Then, he Special Summoned Faultroll which allowed him to Special Summon [fulhelm]. After having flipped [darksoul], he Tuned [darksoul] and [fulhelm] to [brionac]. He used his priority and discarded [darksoul] to return Quinsee’s Set monster back to his hand. Hereupon, he used [faultroll] and [pashuul] to Synchro Summon [scrap dragon]. He used its effect to destroy both [bogknight] and [emmersblade]. Then, he entered his Battle Phase and attacked with both of his monsters, Quinsee was down to 2900 Life Points and Grüner Set two final Spells/Traps before he ended this turn.

Due to the time-out, Quinsee now had his second last turn. He decided to activate [trunade] and Grüner had no response to that. A [cd] was Special Summoned, quickly followed by [pashuul] and both monsters were used to Synchro Summon [brd]. After having activated [brd]’s effect, Quinsee left the empty field to Grüner.

Grüner Set all his four Spells/Traps and Quinsee had no card which would possibly help him in this situation.

Michel Grüner won the second game during time-out!


Quinsee decided to start the last game but immediately changed his mind and wanted Grüner to go first. Luckily for him, Grüner didn’t mind.

Would Quinsee still be able to win this?
Would Quinsee still be able to win this?

Grüner opened with [bogknight] and used its effect to Special Summon an [emmersblade] in Defense Position. To end his second last turn of this Match, he Set two Spells/Traps.

Quinsee activated [b]Nobleman of Extermination[/b] in order to destroy Grüners [sw]. This also caused the removal of another [sw] of each Deck and gave both Duelists the opportunity to take a quick look at their opponent’s Deck. Thereupon, Quinsee Set two Spells/Traps and ended his turn.

Now this was Grüner’s last turn. He activated [cold wave] to which Quinsee had no response. So, he changed [emmersblade]’s Battle Position, Summoned [pashuul] and attacked with all of his monsters; Quinsee was now down to 4700 Life Points! In his second Main Phase, Grüner Synchro Summoned [hyunlei] in Defense Position and destroyed Quinsee’s [bth] and [bom] with its effect.

As Quinsee didn’t draw any card that helped him and Grüner won the Match!

Grüner compensated his first, slow defeat with two quick victories!

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