Round 2: Jake Quinsee (UK) vs. Michael Ciplak (AT)

[p]Our Feature Match for Round 2 features 2 of the most successful Duelists of the year! Jake Quinsee is the 2011 UK and Ireland National Champion, while Michael Ciplak finished 12th at his National Championship in Austria. Ciplak however has made the Top 16 of every European YCS ever held! Quinsee’s using Six Samurai, the Deck he earned his title with, Ciplak is playing T.G. [sd]. Who’ll emerge victorious from this clash of Dueling titans? We’re about to find out![/p]

Jake Quinsee won his National Championship with Six Samurai.

[p]Quinsee won the die roll and chose to go first, kicking things off with [upstart], Ciplak’s [lp] increasing to 9000. Quinsee then played [gateway], and [smoke] to get [musha] from his Deck. He [ns]ed it, then followed up with [kizan] and [gm] before Tuning Kagemusha and Kizan to Summon [barkion]. 4 Bushido Counters were taken off [gateway] to add Kizan to Quinsee’s hand, which was Summoned and followed by another 4 counters to add [kageki] to hand. To finish off his explosive opening turn, Quinsee Set [warning] and [oppression], leaving Ciplak with only one card that could save him…[/p]

[p]… [hole]! Ciplak opened with it and took down all of Quinsee’s monsters in an instant, though he did return [musha] to his hand. Ciplak Set 4 Spell or Trap Cards and was back in the game.[/p]


Quinsee's unbelievable opening hand!

Quinsee drew [gm] and [ns]ed [musha], which Ciplak negated with [warning].

[p]Ciplak Summoned [striker], Quinsee’s [warning] negated it, but Ciplak had [coth] to Summon it again! He attacked directly for 800 points of damage.[/p]

[p]Quinsee [ns]ed [kageki], got 2 Bushido Counters, but didn’t use Kageki’s effect. [gm] came down next and defeated [striker] in battle. Ciplak then flipped [sd] at a cost of 1000 Life Points. Quinsee added a [kizan] to his hand with [gateway]'[s] effect, Set a Spell/Trap, and Ciplak got [rhino] during the End Phase.[/p]

[p]Ciplak drew, Summoned the Rhino, and Quinsee negated it with [warning] (now on 3200 Life Points) , he Set 1 Spell or Trap.[/p]

Quinsee drew [book], turned [kageki] to [def], and [gm] attacked directly. He Set the Book.

Ciplak activated [pod], revealing [striker], [pod] and [ro], taking the Striker, which was Set.

Quinsee [ss]ed [kizan], get 2 more Bushido Counters, and Ciplak conceded soon after.


Jake Quinsee wins Duel 1!


Michael Ciplak's hoping to Top 16 another major tournament!

[p]Ciplak started Duel 2 with [pod], revealing [kinetic], [veiler] and [dust], taking [kinetic]. [tkr] was Summoned, and backed up by 2 Set Spells/Traps.[/p]

Quinsee Set [magatama], which was blown away by a [dust] in the End Phase.

Ciplak attacked directly with Thunder King.

[p]Quinsee [ns]ed [musha], [ss]ed [gm] and attacked with both, Kagemusha attacking directly. He [synch]ed [scrap archfiend], Set 3 Spells or Trap, one being a [bth] which Ciplak destroyed with [mst].[/p]


Scrap Archfiend and 3 incredibly imposing pink-sleeved cards.

Ciplak Set a back row card and a monster.

[p]Quinsee activated [dim fiss] on his turn, and Ciplak paid 3700 Life Points to negate it with [sj]. Quinsee took down the Set [rhino] in battle and Ciplak searched for [striker] in the End Phase.[/p]

Ciplak [ss]ed [striker], [ss]ed [warwolf], Set a third monster and a second Spell or Trap.

[p]Quinsee drew [gm] and declared an attack on Striker with [scrap archfiend]. Ciplak activated [em1], swapping control of both monsters![/p]


Ha-haa! Now your mighty Archfiend is mine!

[p]Ciplak activated [pod], revealing [warning], [striker] and the [mst] he added to his hand. He played the Typhoon on [book], which flipped [scrap archfiend] face-down. Ciplak [fs]ed it and Quinsee had [bth] to banish it. [warwolf] went to [atk], took down striker, and Ciplak got a [rhino] during his End Phase.[/p]

[p]Quinsee played [smoke], adding [musha] to his hand before [ns]ing it. He [ss]ed [gm], Synchro Summoned [lando] and attacked [kinetic], which he knew Ciplak had from the start of the Duel.[/p]

Ciplak set 1 Monster, 1 Spell or Trap, and turned [warwolf] to [def].

Quinsee’s [lando] tried to attack warwolf next turn, but was destroyed by [mf].

Ciplak [fs]ed [rhino], turned [warwolf] to [atk] again and scored direct hits with both.

Quinsee drew [warning] and Set it before conceding the Duel on Ciplak’s turn.


Michael Ciplak evens the score!


Tengu's rarely seen in Six Samurai Side Decks!

Quinsee started Duel 3 with… [tengu]! He Set 2 Spells or Traps and completed his turn.

[p]Ciplak Summoned [tkr], attacked Tengu, Quinsee Summoned another one in [def]. Ciplak ended his turn after Setting a Spell/Trap.[/p]

[p]Quinsee turned his [tengu] to [atk] and passed, Ciplak destroyed a Set [ssu] with [dust] and then Set a card of his own with its second effect.[/p]

[p]Ciplak Summoned another [tkr], attacked 2100 points of damage in total (Quinsee’s third Tengu was in his hand so he couldn’t Summon it) and Set a Spell or Trap.[/p]

[p]Quinsee was in trouble here but needed only one card to turn the Duel around… and he got it! [dim fiss] hit the field and Ciplak could no longer negate Summons with his [tkr][s]! [cydra], [kageki] and [musha] then hit Quinsee’s field in quick succession, followed by [shi en] after he Tuned the 2 Samurai together. Ciplak’s 2 monsters went down and suddenly he was the one that needed a miracle draw.[/p]


Looks like a strong field to me!

[p]Ciplak flipped over his [pod], and Quinsee negated it with Shi En, wanting to stop Ciplak from getting something that could save him. Ciplak [ns]ed [rhino] and flipped [em1] to try and take Shi En, but, Quinsee had the [sj].[/p]

[p]Quinsee [ns]ed that third [tengu] from before, attack [rhino] with it, and then attacked directly with [cydra] and [shi en].[/p]

Ciplak Summoned [tkr] and attacked over [tengu] before Setting a Spell or Trap.

[p]Quinsee drew and Summoned [hand], [shi en] declared an attack Ciplak offered the handshake after his [mf] was negated by Shi En![/p]


Jake Quinsee emerges victorious from a hotly-contested battle!

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