Round 2: Marcus William (Agents) vs. Thilan Karunasekera (Blackwings)

It’s round two here at YCS London and after the first round’s Feature Match this one is set up to be a doozy! This round is Marcus Shearer versus Thilan Karunasekera. You may have seen Shearer’s “Call Me Maybe?” Deck Feature and I hope you’re as excited as me to see it in action! Karunasekera is playing Blackwings, so it’s going to be interesting!

“Oh I remember you, you were playing Darkworlds against me and beat me!” says Karunasekera, Shearer confidently replying “Oh good!”
[b]Game One[/b]

Just happy to be here!

Karunasekera wins roll and goes first, playing a [bw] and Normal Summoning [shura] and activating his [bw] to search for [kalut]. He sets two [fd] [sts] and ends his turn.

Shearer starts his turn by Normal Summoning [venus] and activates her effect, only to be stopped by [fiendish]. It doesn’t worry Shearer for long as he simply banishes [venus] to Special Summon his [hyperion]. He sets two [fd] [sts] and ends his turn, in the End Phase, worried about the set cards, Karunas activates [mst] and destroys a [coth].

Karunasekera opens his turn by Special Summonning [gale] and activates the effect to half [hyperion]’s ATK and DEF. He enters his Battle Phase and attempts an attack on [hyperion], only to be dashed by Shearer’s own [fiendish]! It didn’t seem to matter much though, as [gale] simply attacked into [hyperion]. In [mp2] Karunasekera Synchro Summons a [armor master] and [earth] ends his turn.

Shearer tries to stab back by Normal Summoning a [earth] and pull a [venus] from his deck to his hand and ends his turn.

[mp] 1 opens with Karunasekera Normal Summoning a [blizzard], he attempts to Special Summon a [shura] only to find it negated by a discarded [orange]! “That’s really good! A destroying [effect veiler]!” Karunasekera cries, genuinely impressed by his opponents card. He attacks with [armor master], destroying [earth], sets two [fd] [sts] and ends his turn.

Shearer Has four Fairy-Type Monsters in his Graveyard now and Special Summons [kristya]! He gets [orange] back to his hand and ends his turn.

A few tricks up his sleeve, Karunasekera Normal Summons [blizzard] and doesn’t use his effect. Instead he reveals his [icarus attack] and destroys all of Shearer’s precious cards. He sets one [fd] [sts] and ends his turn. Shearer ponders for a while and sets one [fd] Monster Card before ending his turn.

Karunasekera attacks the [fd] card revealing it to be a [shine]! Then ends his turn, a little confused.

Shearer takes full advantage and Special Summons [kristya] and [hyperion]! [hyperion] attacks [armor master], an obvious misplay, as Shearer reads the cards effect, he puts a Weight Counter on his [hyperion] and ends his turn.

Karunasekera, possibly stunned by what just happened, does nothing on his turn and ends.

Shearer simply Normal Summons [earth] to get [venus] to his hand and ends turn.

Karunasekera plays [cfbf] by removing [kalut] from his Graveyard. He then plays a second [bw] and Normal Summons [shura], activating both [bw]s! [kalut] and [zephy] are added to hand and the Battle Phase is entered, he attempts to attack and discard a [kalut], but the attack is dashed by [orange]. Feeling a little defeated he ends turn, not before setting two [fd] [sts] first.

Shearer goes into his Battle Phase and attacks with [kristya] who is stopped by a [bom]. [mp2] sees [hyperion] Summoned who is destroyed by a passing [icarus attack]! Shearer sets one [fd] [st] and ends turn.

A [hole] follows from Karunasekera with a [zephy] shortly after and Karunasekera attacks for game!
[b]Game Two[/b]

Hopefully Shearer'll call it a win, maybe?

Shearer gets a chance to redeem himself and goes first. He Normal Summons a [venus] and pays 1000 [lp] to Special Summon two [shine]s! The [shine]s combine into an Xyz Summoned [ggg], Shearer sets one [fd] [st] and ends turn.

Karunasekera plays not one, not two, but THREE [bw]s and Normal Summons [shura], activating all three getting [gale], [kalut] and [bora] to hand. He eyes the [st] [st] and mutters “what is it, [mf] maybe?” [shura] attacks [venus] and activates [kalut], who again is stopped by [orange]. [gale] attacks [ggg] and Shearer removes a material to keep it alive. [mp2] starts and Karunasekera Special Summons [bora] and Synchro Summons [armor master] before ending his turn.

THREE, count them, THREE Black Whirlwinds

Everything is set up for Shearer as he Special Summons [kristya] and gets [orange] back to his hand. He Normal Summons [trooper] and activates his effect, getting the worst possible result intended by sending [6s], [bom] and [mf] to the Graveyard. He attacks with [kristya] using a [fiendish] on [armor master], but [kalut] is discarded and [kristya] leaves the field.

Karunasekera Normal Summons his [zephy] and activates two of his [bw] getting two [blizzard]s. He attacks [trooper] and ends his turn.

Couldn't have been worse

The moment Shearer had been waiting for, he finally gets to Normal Summon, and use the effect of [cranecrane]! He uses the effect to Special Summon [trooper] activating his effect, and unfortunately getting rid of a [orange], [debunk] and [twister]. Not happy, he Xyz Summons [20], detaching a material and attacks [zephy]. [kalut] is discarded and meets another [orange]. Shearer ends his turn.

Karunasekera opens with a [blizzard], Shearer understands what is happening and [coth] [kristya] to stop all Special Summons. He then sets one [fd] [st], attacks [ggg] to remove the last material and ends turn.

[kristya] opens with an attack into [icarus attack] and both [kristya] and [20] are destroyed! Shearer ends, knowing the end is nigh for himself.

Karunasekera Normal Summons [blizzard] and Special Summons [shura], allowing him to Synchro Summon [armed wing]. He activates [zephy] and attacks for the win!
[b]Karunasekera wins 2-0![/b]

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