Round 2: Pete Ward vs. Lee Brook

[p]Round 2 pits two well-known UK Duelists against each other! Pete Ward was the 2009 Dragon Duel National Champion, while Lee Brook has made the playoffs at numerous UK National Championships. Ward’s running T.G. [drain] while Brook has brought Karakuri to the table. Let’s see how they got on![/p]

Pete Ward is playing T.G. today.

[div]Brook won the die roll and chose to go first, Summoning [tkr] and Setting a Spell or Trap.

Ward destroyed Thunder king with [hole] and Summoned [tengu]. Brook contemplated flipping his Set card before allowing Tengu to attack directly. Ward Set 1 Spell or Trap to finish.

Brook played [mst] and [em1] was destroyed. “TGs…..” Brook suddenly knew what he was up against. He [ss]ed [cydra], [ns]ed [224] and used its effect to Summon [313]. He Synchro Summoned [00x] and Summoned [177] before Synchro Summoning [barkion]. Bureido took down the Tengu, Barkion took down the second (Attack Position) one and Ward Summoned his third from the Deck.

Barkion and Bureido take on a Tengu!

Ward drew [rhino] and weighed up his options. He Set a monster, turned [tengu] to [def] and ended his turn.

Brook summoned [mole] and bounced away the Set monster! Barkion destroyed [tengu] and [00x] attacked Directly.

Ward Set a monster and a Spell/Trap.

Brook Summoned Grand Mole again and Ward flipped [tt] to try and clear the field. [barkion] negated the Trap Card ([cydra] and [mst] were banished from Brook’s Graveyard) , Grand Mole bounced away Ward’s monster, and Brook’s other monsters sealed the Duel![/div]

Lee Brook takes the lead!


Lee Brook is aiming to make the playoffs of another major event.

[div]Ward chose to go first in Duel 2, activating [duality] to reveal [drain], [sj] and [warwolf] (taking [drain]). He Set…. FIVE Spells and Traps and ended his turn!

Brook Set 3 of his own on his turn.

Ward passed.

Brook Set a 4th card.

Ward passed again.

Brook Set his fifth Card in a Duel that had seen no monsters played so far.

Ward made no plays on his turn, and Brook passed on his turn also.

Please let one of those be Straight Flush!

A monster! Ward Summoned [rhino]…. which was promptly destroyed by [bth].

Both Duelists passed their turns again, obviously trying to make sure everything was safe before breaking the deadlock.

Brook was the first to blink and flipped [decree] in his Standby Phase. He [ns]ed [tkr] and attacked directly. Ward flipped [prison] to clear a space in his back row and took 1900 points of damage. Brook set a 5th Spell or Trap to complete his turn.

Ward drew and tried to destroy [decree] with [mst], but Brook flipped another one! Ward had [duality] in his hand but couldn’t play it because of [tkr], so he Summoned [warwolf] instead and Set a Spell or Trap. In the End Phase, Brook destroyed the newly Set card ([hotpants]) to keep his Decree safe.

Brook drew [mole], played it and Ward responded with [warning], knowing it would be negated (clearing more back row space perhaps?). Mole and [tkr] attacked, the latter directly.

Ward drew [cydra]! He Summoned it and Brook tribute [tkr] to negate it. Ward Summoned [warwolf] and attacked for 1200.

Brook played [duality], revealing [smash], [177], and [cydra] (which he added to his hand). He Summoned [mole] and sent [warwolf] and it back to both Duelists’ hands.

Ward activated his own [duality], showing Brook [mst], [drain] and [horn]. He added [mst] to his hand before Summoning [warwolf] and attacking directly. (Brook was leading at this stage, 5600 vs. 2200) In Main Phase 2, Ward destroyed [decree] with [mst] and Set a Spell or Trap.

Brook decides what to Side Deck in between Duels.

Brook played [storm] to try and simplify the game, but Ward responded with [road]! Storm was negated and Ward Summoned [sdd] from his Extra Deck. Brook activated [gozen] (before instantly realising he played it too late; he could have stopped [sdd] from hitting the field) and Ward sent Warwolf to the Graveyard. Brook [ss]ed [cydra]. Ward tried to destroy it with [bth], but Brook used [ced] to send [cydra] back to his hand. He Summoned [mole], declared an attack, and Ward flipped [drain]! Grand Mole was forced to continue its attack and ran straight into Ward’s [sdd]. Brook Set a Spell or Trap and ended his turn.

Ward drew [tt] and attacked directly with [sdd] before Setting [warwolf].

Brook attacked Warwolf with [cydra] and when it was flipped face-up in the Damage Step, [gozen] sent it to the Graveyard. Brook Set a monster and ended.

Ward’s [sdd] took down [cydra], reducing Brook to 1100 Life Points. Ward Set his 5th Spell or Trap.
Brook Summoned [919] and Ward cleared the field with [tt], goes through (the Set [313]was also destroyed). He them [ss]ed [tkr] with [reborn]and tried to attack for game, but Ward saved himself with[call]! [warwolf] was Summoned, and became stronger in the Damage Step due to [hotpants]! Ward drew a card for the effect of Horn and won the Duel on the following turn.[/div]

Ward evens the score!

[div]Brook started Duel 3 with 6 minutes left on the clock. He played [duality] and revealed [sj], [neutron] and [mst], taking the latter. He Summoned a different Neutron, Set 2 Spells or Traps and added [224] to his hand in the End Phase.

Ward [ns]ed [barbaros] (1900 ATK) and destroyed Neutron in battle. He Set 3 Spells or traps but Brook activated [decree] in the End Phase!

Brook Summoned [224], and then [177] with its effect (adding [919] to his hand) before Synchro Summoning [beast]! Beast took down Barbaros and Brook ended his turn in a commanding position.

No Spells and Traps for you!

Ward drew [mst], tried to activate [hole] and Brook attempted to negate it with [beast]. Ward Chained [call], Brook let it go, and Ward Chained with [mst] targeting the Decree! Brook Chained his own (Set) [mst] to destroy Call, and when the Chain resolved he immediately realised his error ([beast] can negate multiple cards in a single Chain). Ward set a monster.
Brook Summoned [mole], which was negated by [warning]. [beast] took down Ward’s Set [striker], [rhino] was added to Ward’s hand in the End Phase.

Ward drew [duality], [ns]ed Rhino and passed.

Brook Summoned [919] and destroyed Rhino with [smash] as Time was called. Ward added a [striker] to his hand in the End Phase and had only 5 more turns to mount a comeback.

Ward drew [warwolf] and [ss]ed it after [ss]ing Striker. He Synchro Summoned [catastor] and its effect took care of Brook’s Karakuri monster.

Brook Summoend [177], adding [224] to his hand. Inashichi had to attack, and Catastor destroyed it automatically.
Ward drew [rhino] and summoned it. Catastor destroyed [beast], and Rhino attacked directly, but Brook had [gorz]! He Summoned it in defense Position, along with a 2000 ATK and DEF Token. Ward activated [duality] to reveal [prison], [book] and [drain], adding [bom] to his hand.

Brook lead the Duel by 4100 Life Points and reinforced his defences with a Set monster and Spell or Trap. Ward had no way out and offered the handshake![/div]

Lee Brook comes out on top in a thrilling encounter!


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