Round 2: Remy Grotestam (Six Samurai) vs. Patrick Hoffmann (Dino Rabbit)

[p]It’s time for Round 2! We introduced you all to Remy Grotestam earlier today with our new segment, the “Duelist Diary”. His Six Samurai breezed through Round 1 and will now face off against the Rabbits of German Duelist Patrick Hoffmann. Let’s see how the action unfolded![/p]

Remy Grotestam... again!

[div] Grotestam won the roll and started the Match with [elder], followed by [ascet] to Summon [musha] from his Deck, to Synchro Summon [shi en]! He set 2 cards to finish.

Hoffmann Set a monster and 2 Spell/Trap Cards.

Grotestam [ns]ed another [musha] and Hoffmann let it go. He followed up with [rota] for [kizan], which was [ss]ed. Shi En destroyed the Set [kabaz] and Grotestam’s other monsters attacked directly. In [mp2] Grotestam [synch]ed [barkion] and set 1 card.

Hoffmann destroyed [bom] and [warning] with 2 copies of [mst] before Summoning [kabaz]. He played [reborn] to target the other and Xyz Summoned [39]. Utopia attacked and was halted by [fiendish].

Grotestam [ss]ed another Kizan, the Barkion and Utopia destroyed each other, and Kizan attacked directly. [gorz] was Summoned and Shi En destroyed the Token.

Hoffmann turned Gorz to Attack Position and took down Kizan in battle.

Grotestam Set a Spell/Trap.

Hoffmann’s Gorz took down Shi En.

Grotestam passed.

Hoffmann Summoned [saurus] and attacked with both monsters directly.

Grotestam flipped [mst] and Hoffmann let it go, but after checking his hand, Grotestam conceded.


Hoffman wins Duel 1!


Hoffmann drove 15 hours to get here!

[div]Both Duelists commented on their trips here (over 10 hours of driving each) before Grotestam started Duel 2. He did so with a Set monster and 3 2 Set [sts].

Hoffmann [ss]ed [cydra] and destroyed [snowman], which took down the [cydra]. He Summoned [saurus] and Set 2 cards.

Grotestam activated [gateway] and [ssu] before Summoning [musha]! Hoffmann responded with [sj] and Grotestam had his own copy to negate it! Kagemusha survived and his Spell Cards got some Bushido Counters. Hoffmann played [mst] on [gateway] and Grotestam activated [ascet] to Summon [elder], before drawing 2 cards with [ssu]. He Synchro Summoned [shi en] and [ss]ed Kizan. Shi En took down [saurus] and Kizan attacked directly.

Hoffmann used [mst] to destroy [fiendish] and Summoned [tgu]. Grotestam played [maxx] as Hoffmann Summoned [sangan]. He Xyz Summoned [zenmaines].

Grotestam used [reborn] and that was enough to seal Duel 2 as Hoffmann conceded once he saw the Brionac that was Synchro Summoned.

Grotestam levels the score!


We're going to Duel 3!

[div]Hoffmann started Duel 3 with a Set monster and 2 Set [sts].

Grotestam [ss]ed [elder] in [def] and followed up with [ascet] to Summon [musha] from his Deck. [shi en] was then Summoned and hit with [warning]. Grotestam played [mind] on [reaper] and [ns]ed another [musha]! He [synch]ed [catastor] and attacked directly.

Hoffmann [ss]ed [cydra] and fused both monsters to Summon [cfd]! He followed up with [kabaz] and attacked directly. He Set a [st] to finish.

Grotestam used [smoke] to add [musha] to his hand. He Summoned it and Hoffmann discarded [maxx]. Grotestam [ss]ed [kizan] and [synch]ed [barkion]. Barkion took down [kabaz].

Hoffmann Summoned [tour] and was hit with [veiler]. Hoffmann Set 1 card.

Grotestam Set a [st] and took down Tour Guide.

Hoffmann turned [cfd] to [def] and Set a monster.

Grotestam played [smoke] and Hoffmann destroyed [warning] with [mst]. Grotestam added [hand] to his hand before Summoning it. It was destroyed by [sj] though and Barkion destroyed [saurus].

Hoffmann Set a monster.

Grotestam set a [st] and attacked into [reaper].

Hoffmann Set another monster.

Grotestam’s Barkion destroyed [cfd].

Hoffmann [fs]ed [snowman], targeting [barkion] and Grotestam responded with [warlord]. [reaper] remained on the field and attacked directly before he Set a monster.

Grotestam Set a monster.

Hoffmann turned Reaper to [def].

Grotestam Set a [st].

Hoffmann Set a card.

Grotestam Set another [st].

Hoffmann Set another [st] to his back row.

Grotestam Set yet another [st].

Hoffmann Set yet another [st]!

Grotestam passed.

Hoffmann passed, this was quickly turning into a drawn-out match which could end in spectacular fashion.

It's complicated gamestate time!

Grotestam played [rota] to add [kizan] to his hand and activated [ssu]. He Summoned [kizan] and drew a card before Setting it.

Hoffmann played [storm]! Grotestam negated it with [magatama].

Grotestam passed.

Hoffmann Set a 5th [st]!

Grotestam passed.

Hoffmann Tributed 2 monsters (one of them [reaper]) to Set a monster (!).

Grotestam Set [sj] and [maxx].

Hoffmann [fs]ed [snowman] to target [kizan]. Grotestam played [fiendish], Hoffmann Chained [tt] and Grotestam Chained with [magatama]! Grotestam’s monsters survived.

Grotestam attacked with Kizan and declared “This one’s for Stephan Sluis!”, Hoffmann flipped [prison] and Grotestam had the [sj] to force the attack through and seal the Duel![/div]

Remy Grotestam wins the Match!


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