Round 2: Wytze Kluitenberg (Inzektors) vs. Arthur Sanchez (HERO).

[p]Round 2! Here’s our other YCS Trial winner and Dutch National Chmpion, Wytze Kluitenberg, who’s running Inzektors today. His opponent is Californian Duelist Arthur Sanchez, who’s playing a HERO Deck. Let’s get right to the action![/p]

Will this Dutch Duelist devastate his opponent?

[div]Kluitenberg won the die roll and opted to go first. He did so with [tour]! Sanchez Chained [veiler] but Kluitenberg had [bom]! Tour Guide went face-down and [sangan] was Summoned in [def].

Sanchez activated [ecall] and added [ocean] to his hand. He [ns]ed [humming] and gained 2000 Life Points with its effect, going up to 10,000. He Set 1 card to finish.

Kluitenberg activated [duality], revealing [tt], [i pede] (which he took) and [warning]. He Summoned Centipede. He equipped it with [i hornet] from his hand, before using Hornet’s effect to destroy [mf]. Centipede added [i fly] to Kluitenberg’s hand. He flipped Tour Guide over and Centipede took down [humming], while [sangan] and Tour Guide attacked directly. Kluitenberg Summoned [zenmaines] in [mp2].

Sanchez Summoned [ocean] and destroyed [sangan] in battle. Kluitenberg added another [i fly] to his hand.

Kluitenberg Summoned Dragonfly and Sanchez negated it with [warning]. Kluitenberg activated another [pod], adding [warning] to his hand. He Set a card to finish.

Sanchez played [future]! Kluitenberg negated it with [warning] and Sanchez passed.

Kluitenberg Summoned [i fly] and equipped [i hornet] from his Graveyard to it. Kluitenberg then equipped [i mantis] to Hornet. Hornet’s effect destroyed Giga Mantis and Kluitenberg Summoned Dragonfly from his Graveyard, followed by 2 Centipedes from his Deck! Centipede equipped Hornet, which destroyed [ocean]. Sanchez then conceded as he had no way out![/div]

Kluitenberg takes the lead!


Arthur Sanchez didn't have far to travel compared to his opponent!

[div] Sanchez opened with [pod], adding [storm] to his hand. He set a monster and ended his turn.

Kluitenberg played a [pod] of his own and chose [i fly]. He set a Spell/Trap and passed.

Sanchez Summoned [ice edge]. He attacked directly with it and destroyed [mst].

Kluitenberg activated another [pod], adding [i hornet] to his hand. He Set a monster and a Spell/Trap.

Sanchez activated yet another [duality]! He added [b]Chaos Trap Hole[/b] to his hand. Sanchez activated [ice edge]’[s] effect, discarding [woodsman] to attack directly and destroy Kluitenberg’s [storm].

Kluitenberg drew [guaiba] (he Side-Decked it in) and Summoned it! It took down Ice Edge and Kluitenberg Special Summoned another copy before Xyz Summoning [laggia] in Main Phase 2.

Sanchez activated [vortex], discarding [sparkman], but Laggia negated it to survive.

Kluitenberg Summoned [i fly] and equipped it with [i hornet], which was used to destroy [b]Chaos Trap Hole[/b]. Kluitenberg Summoned [i pede], equipped Hornet and destroyed [reaper]. Kluitenberg added another [i fly] to his hand. He [fs]ed [reaper] and attacked directly, discarding Sanchez’s [veiler]! His other monsters followed up and he Summoned [zenmaines] in [mp2].

Could it be Epic Comeback Time!?

Sanchez played [storm] and then [ss]ed [bubble] to draw 2 cards! He followed this up with [miracle] to Summon [shining]! Shining and Bubbleman attacked into Reaper to dish out some damage.

Kluitenberg Summoned Dragonfly, equipped Hornet, destroyed [shining] and Sanchez got back his banished HERO. Kluitenberg Summoned [i pede], brought back Hornet to destroy [bubble] and attacked for game![/div]

Kluitenberg scores a second win!


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