Round 3 Feature Match – Donald Thompson (Shaddoll) vs Kevin Sheo (Shaddoll)

It’s Round 3 here in YCS Sydney, and we’ve got another Feature Match for you! This match pits Kevin Sheo against the Oceanic Champion Donald Thompson! Who will come out on top in this Shaddoll mirror match?

Game 1

Donald won the die roll, and elected to go second.

Kevin’s hand contained 2 [mst], [ssg], [mathe] and [super poly]. He Normal Summoned [mathe] and sent [shd squa], which sent [shd falco]. Falco was Summoned face-down, and Kevin Set 2 to end his turn.

Donald drew and Normal Summoned [mathe]. It sent [shd squa] to the Graveyard, which sent [shd beast] to let Donald draw [el shd fus]. In the Battle Phase, [mathe] attacked Kevin’s [shd falco], but Kevin played [ssg] to send [shd beast] to the Graveyard and draw a card. Falco is flipped face-up and destroyed by battle, which lets Kevin Special Summon [shd beast] face-down. Donald then played [el shd fus] during the Battle Phase, fusing his in-had [r kuriboh] and [shd falco] for [shd construct]. Construct sent [shd dragon] to the Graveyard, which let Donald destroy Kevin’s [mst]. Construct then attacked [shd beast], denying Kevin the ability to use its effect (as he had already used its Graveyard effect that turn). In Main Phase 2, Donald Summoned [dad]! He banished a Shaddoll to destroy [mathe], and then he destroyed his own [shd construct] to add his [el shd fus] back to his hand, while also denying Kevin the “Extra Deck Monster” advantage of [shd fus], should he have it. He then Set 2 cards and passed the turn.

Kevin drew a card and played [mst] on [shd core]. Kevin then played his own [dad]! He banished[shd squa] to destroy Donald’s [dad], then banished [shd falco] to destroy [mathe], then banished [shd beast] to destroy Kevin’s [shd falco], which Summoned itself from the Graveyard. [dad] attacked and destroyed Falco. He ended his turn.

Donald drew a card and passed.

Kevin drew a card, attacked with [dad] and passed the turn (Donald 8000 > 5200).

Donald drew a card, and passed again.

Kevin drew for turn, and attacked directly with [dad] again, dropping Donald to 2400 LP. He Set another card and passed the turn.

Donald drew, Set a card, and passed the turn.

Kevin drew, attacked with [dad], but Donald Summoned [r kuriboh] from his Graveyard! He attacked it, banishing it. In Main Phase 2, a Normal Summoned [mathe] sent [shd squa] to the Graveyard, which also sent [shd beast], allowing Kevin to draw a card. [dad] banished [shd squa] to destroy Donald’s face-down card, but he activated it – a [ssg], sending [shd hedg] to the Graveyard. This allowed Donald to add [shd squa] to his hand. Kevin passed the turn, but Donald played [el shd fus] in his End Phase, fusing [r kuriboh] and [shd squa] for [shd construct]. Construct sent [shd falco], which was Summoned face-down on the field.

Donald drew [bls]! He Normal Summoned [mathe], which sent [wyverbuster] to the Graveyard. He then Special Summoned [bls] by banishing [shd hedg] and [wyverbuster], but Kevin activated [super poly]! Kevin discarded [eclipse], and fused Donald’s [shd construct] and [bls] to Summon his own Construct! Kevin’s Construct sent [shd hedg] to the Graveyard, which added [shd falco] to Kevin’s hand. Donald then banished his [bls] for [collapserpent], and activated [shd fus]! He used [shd hedg] and [eclipse] from his Main Deck to Summon another Construct, which sent [el shd fus] to the Graveyard. Donald then Flip Summoned [shd falco], which Summoned [shd construct] from the Graveyard. Donald then used Falco and [collapserpent] to Synchro Summon [htspsy], adding a [wyverbuster] from his Deck to his hand. In the Battle Phase, Construct attacked Kevin’s Construct. Both were destroyed, and Donald added [shd core] back, while Kevin added nothing. [htspsy] attacked [dad], and both were banished after Donald took some damage (Donald 2400 > 2000). Donald Set 2 cards and passed the turn.

After a massive turn of attacking and destruction, the two Mathematicians survived to fight another day!

Kevin drew for turn, and Summoned his own [bls], by banishing [shd hedg] and [eclipse]! [bls] tried to banish Donald’s face-down [shd construct], but Donald used it along with [el shd fus] and [shd core] to Fusion Summon [shd shekh]! [shd core] added [el shd fus] back to Donald’s hand, and Construct added [shd core] back. Kevin then played [shd fus], sending [shd beast] and [felis] from the Deck to Summon his own Construct, but elected to not use its effect. Kevin then Normal Summoned [shd falco] and Synchro Summoned [leo]! [shd construct] added [shd fus] back to Kevin’s hand, and Leo attacked and destroyed Donald’s [mathe] (Donald 2000 > 400). Kevin Set a card, and passed his turn.

Donald drew for turn, Set a monster, summoned [wyverbuster], and ended the turn.

Donald has to play defensively until he can find a way to destroy both Black Luster Soldier and Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree…

Kevin drew a card, then activated [ssg] to send a [shd drag], which targeted Donald’s face-down card. This forced Donald to use both [shd core] and [el shd fus] to fuse his [mathe] and Core for [shd shekh], adding [el shd fus] back to his hand. This allowed Kevin to play [shd fus], sending [denko] and [shd hedg] to the Graveyard, and adding [shd drag] to his hand. Kevin used Constructs effect, and it was negated by Donald’s [shd shekh], but Kevin added [shd fus] back to hand. He then played [allure], banishing [shd dragon]. Kevin then Normal Summoned [denko], and tributed it with [enemy] to take Donald’s [shd shekh]! In the Battle Phase, [leo] attacked Donald’s other [shd shekh], and attacked through the rest of his field to end the Duel!

A back and forth game ends with Kevin taking the first Duel! How will the second Duel of this Match shape up?

Game 2

After some serious Deck editing from the Side Deck, both Duelists are ready to enter Game 2. Kevin will go first again in this game.

Kevin began by Normal Summoning [mathe], which sent [shd squa], which sent [shd beast] to draw a card. He set 2 cards and passed his turn.

Donald drew a card and Summoned his own [mathe], but he sent [felis] to the Graveyard, which Summoned it to the field. He tributed Felis to destroy Kevin’s [mathe] and send 3 cards to the Grave in the process. Donald’s [mathe] then attacked Kevin for 1500 damage (Kevin 8000 > 6500).

Kevin drew for turn and activated [shd core], then played [shd fus] to Summon [shd construct] using Core and [bls]. Construct sent [shd hedg] to the Graveyard, adding [shd beast] to Kevin’s hand. He then Special Summoned [dad] and attacked with both of his monsters (Donald 8000 > 3000). In Main Phase 2, Kevin Tributed his Construct to Set a monster, which allowed Construct to add [shd core] back to Kevin’s hand. He then Set a card and ended the turn.

“I guarantee that this is absolutely definitely not a Shaddoll Beast.”

Donald drew a card, and Normal Summoned [denko]. He then played [el shd fus], Summoning [shd construct] by using [shd falco] and [wyverbuster] as Fusion Material. Falco was Summoned face-down, and Construct sent [shd squa] to the Graveyard, which sent a [shd beast] to allow Donald to draw a [ssg]. Construct then attacked destroyed [dad]. Donald ended his turn.

Kevin drew a card and Flip Summoned his [shd beast], drawing 2 cards and discarding [allure]. [shd fus] for [shd construct] sending [denko] and [shd falco] from the Deck, followed by Falco being set face-down. Kevin then activated [super poly], and Donald conceded shortly after!

Kevin Sheo moves on with a 3-0 record!

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