Round 3 Feature Match – Joseph Wagstaff (60 card Pendulum Kozmo) vs James Ho (Burning Abyss)

16.01.2016 | 12:22 |

Round 3 is underway here in Sydney, and we’ve got 2 undefeated Duelists hoping to keep that streak alive! Joseph Wagstaff has come from Cairns, with an innovative 60-card Deck featuring Kozmos, Performapals, and Magicians! James Ho is from Sydney, bringing his tried and true Burning Abyss to the party. Will the innovative nature of Joseph’s Deck or the reliability of James’ Burning Abyss win in this Duel?

Joseph won the die roll and elected to go second. James’ opening hand contained Fiendish Rhino Warrior, [ba graff], [ba scarm], [fire lake] and [hoh]. He Normal Summoned [ba graff] and Special Summon [ba scarm], then used them to Xyz Summon [dante]. Dante detached Graff to send [hoh], [tour] and [f griefing] to the Graveyard. Graff Special Summoned [ba cir] from the Deck with its effect. James then Set 2 backrow cards and passed the turn.

Joseph started with 2 Performapal Camelump, [teleport], Quaking Mirror Force and [coth]. He drew a second Quaking Mirror Force. He Set all of his Spells and Traps, then a Camelump, and passed the turn. In his End Phase, James used [fire lake], Tributing [dante] and [ba cir] to destroy Joseph’s Quaking Mirror Force, [coth], and [teleport]. Cir Summoned Dante from the Graveyard, and Dante added [ba graff] from James’ Graveyard to his hand.


Joseph drew a card, and immediately regretted it. “No way, did I really just do that? I forgot my Scarm search!” He’d forgotten to search with [ba scarm] after it was sent to the Graveyard while attached to [dante]! He switched Dante to Attack Position, Normal Summon Fiendish Rhino Warrior, then attacked into the Set Performapal Camelump, taking 400 damage (James 7600). In Main Phase 2, he Xyz Summoned [downerd] with Dante, and Set 1 card to end his turn.

Joseph drew and Normal Summoned Performapal Skullcrobat Joker, but James used [hoh]! He sent [downerd] to negate the Summon of Skullcrobat and destroy it, while the attached [dante] returned [ba cir] to James’ hand. Joseph passed.

James drew a card, then Normal Summoned [ba graff]. He Xyz Summoned [dante], and used its effect, detaching Graff and sending 2 [fire lake] and Quaking Mirror Force to the Graveyard. Then, [ba graff] allowed him to Special Summon [ba cagna] from the Deck. Dante attacked Performapal Camelump, but Joseph had Quaking Mirror Force to flip James’ monsters face-down! James Set a card to his backrow and ended his turn.


Joseph drew [k good]. He considered his Extra Deck options before Normal Summoning Performapal Camelump. He then attacked the Set [ba cagna], which sent [ba ge] to James’ Graveyard with its effect. In Main Phase 2, Joseph Xyz Summoned [dr xyz] and ended his turn, but James used [break], discarding [ba cir] to destroy his Set [dante]! Cir’s effect Summoned Dante, the attached Fiendish Rhino Warrior sent [ba scarm] from the Deck to the Graveyard, and Dante added [ba graff] to James’ hand. Then Scarm added another monster to James’ hand.

James drew a card, then banished [ba ge] from his Graveyard, sending [ba graff] to the Graveyard to add [ba cir] to James’ hand. Graff Special Summoned [ba scarm] from the Deck with its effect. Then, James Normal Summoned [ba cir] and Xyz Summoned his final [dante]. He detached Cir to mill [ba drag], [hole] and [sd]. Cir’s effect Special Summoned [dante] from the Graveyard, and the sent Draghig put [ba traveler] on top of the Deck.

SYD R3 1

James then used his 2 [dante] to make [f0]! He attacked Joseph’s [dr xyz] to take it, then attacked Joseph directly with his two monsters (Joseph 3000). James Set 2 card and passed the turn.

Joseph drew a card, then Normal Summoned [k good]! James was very surprised. Joseph paid 500 LP (2500) to put [f0] face-down. [dr xyz] detached an Xyz Material to steal 500 ATK from [dante], raising it to 3000 ATK. He then attacked Dante, which added [ba cir] to James’ hand. [k good] attacked the Set [f0], only to have it be flipped face-up and protected by its effect! He ended his turn.


James drew the [ba traveler] he put there last turn. He Normal Summoned [ba cir], which was sent to the Graveyard due to effect. However, its effect Special Summoned [dante] again. He switched [f0] to Attack Position, attacked [dr xyz], and used it to destroy [k good], then attacked directly with Dante (Joseph 300). James Set 1 card and passed the turn.

Joseph drew [k dark]. He Normal Summoned [k wick] and switched [dr xyz]to Defence mode.

James drew a card and smiled. “You’re not gonna like this!”. He Normal Summoned [ba barbar], and it was sent to the Graveyard immediately, where he could use its direct damage effect to end the Duel!

James closes out the first game by slowly grinding out advantage with Dante and [f0], before ending it with some hard to stop direct damage. Can he continue this in Game 2?


After a couple of minutes of Side Decking, the Duelists are ready for Game 2.

James will take the first move again in this game.

He began with [ba scarm], [ba rubic], [cranecrane], [bth] and [ba traveler]. He Normal Summoned [ba scarm], then Special Summoned [ba rubic] and Xyz Summoned [dante]. He then detached Scarm to send 2 [ba farfa] and Fiendish Rhino Warrior to the Graveyard. Warrior sent [ba graff] to the Graveyard, which Special Summoned [ba cagna] from the Deck. During the End Phase, Scarm added [tour] to James’ hand.

SYD R3 2

Joseph opened with 2 [k farm], Wisdom-Eye Magician, [coth] and [stormforth]. He drew Oafdragon Magician, and activated [stormforth]. He Tributed [dante] to Normal Summon Oafdragon Magician. Dante added [ba graff] to James’ hand. Oafdragon destroyed [ba cagna], which sent [ba ge] to the Graveyard. Joseph ended his turn.

James drew a card, then banished [ba ge] to send [ba graff] and add [firelake] to his hand. Graff Special Summoned [ba cir] from the Deck. Then, James Normal Summoned [tour], destroying Cir in the process. Cir Special Summoned Dante from the Graveyard, while Tour Guide Special Summoned [ba scarm] from the Deck. He Xyz Summoned another Dante, and used its effect to detach Scarm and send [soul charge], [ba cir], and [hoh] to the Graveyard. He attacked Oafdragon Magician with Dante, then directly with the second (Joseph 6600). He changed them to Defence position with their effects, Set 1 card, and added [ba barbar] thanks to Scarm’s effect in the End Phase.


Joseph drew a card and Normal Summoned [k farm]. He Set 1 card and passed the turn. In the End Phase, James used [fire lake], targeting [k farm] and [coth]. Joseph used Farmgirl’s effect to banish herself and Special Summon [k dark]! The Dark Destroyer had no monsters to destroy, but the 2 Dantes added [ba cir] and [ba graff] to James’ hand. James then used Traveler to return both the Dantes to the field!

After a long End Phase, James began his turn. He drew and Normal Summoned [cranecrane]! The [cranecrane] Special Summoned [ba cir] from the Graveyard, and James Xyz Summoned his third [dante]. His other two Dantes Xyz Summoned [f0]. The new Dante detached [cranecrane] to send [break], [pwwb] and [hole] to the Graveyard. He attacked [k dark] with [f0], stealing it. He then hit Joseph with it and Dante for 5500 damage (Joseph 1100). In Main Phase 2, James made [downerd] in Defence Position using his Dante. He then ended.


Joseph drew [sw] – not the best draw here! He Normal Summoned Wisdom-Eye Magician, and attacked and destroyed [downerd] with it. Dante added Cir to James’ hand, while Cir Special Summoned Dante again. He Set 1 card and passed.

James drew a second [cranecrane]! He Special Summoned [ba rubic], then Synchro Summoned [virgil]. Virgil used its effect, discarding [ba cir] to shuffle Joseph’s Set card into the Deck. Cir Summoned [ba farfa] from the Graveyard, which was destroyed due to [f0]. Farfa then banished the Wisdom-Eye Magician until the End Phase. After taking the [k dark] with [f0], an attack from Virgil sealed the deal!

James Ho moves on undefeated with his Burning Abyss Deck!