Round 3 Feature Match: Mathijs Schuurman vs. Victor Steinberg

Mathijs Schuurman is piloting a Disaster Dragon deck and doing so rather successfully, having already won 2 matches. He’ll be facing Victor Steinberg in round 3, running one of the slightly more popular decks with X-Sabers. How will the rogue deck do against one of the most dominant decks in the format?


Mathijs Schuurman, obviously not afraid to face Spanish players today

Schuurman had a “5”, winning him the die roll against Steinberg’s “3”. He opened the game with his “Second favorite Spell Card”, netting him his “favorite Spell Card”, which translates in TCG terms to: He searched his deck with [sarco] for [future], before playing another [sarco] to remove [trunade] from play. He Summoned [wyvern] and Set a face-down Spell or Trap.

Steinberg had [cold wave]. He followed it up with [monk], discarding [trunade] to bring out [cat]. He Tributed [cat] for her own effect, Special Summoning [airbellum] and [darksoul] to the field. He Tuned both monsters to [hyunlei], destroying Schuurman’s Set [sj]. The Synchro Monster destroyed [wyvern] in Battle, Schuurman got [faultroll] during the End Phase thanks to the effect of [darksoul] and ended.

Schuurman Summoned Koa’ki Meiru Drago and attacked [monk]. He passed without any other actions.

Steinberg Summoned [darksoul] in Attack Position, he destroyed Koa’ki Meiru Drago with [hyunlei], did some damage with [darksoul] and moved on to Main Phase 2. He Special Summoned [faultroll], then Tuned his monsters to [gottoms] and Tributed first [darksoul] and then [gottoms] for the effect of the Synchro Monster. Schuurman lost [brain] and [debris], so he was all out of cards, while Steinberg searched his deck thanks to [darksoul].

Schuurman intended to make a comeback with the effects of both copies of [sarco] kicking in, however, Steinberg had [mind crush], stripping Schuurman’s hand of [trunade] before he had a chance to activate it! [future] hit the field, but [mst] basically negated its effect. Schuurman simply Set a Spell or Trap Card and passed.

Steinberg used the effect of [faultroll] to bring back [darksoul]. He attacked with both monsters and passed for his turn.


Faultroll seemed to have turned the tide in this match.

Schuurman drew into another card and passed without any options.

Steinberg brought out [darksoul] with the effect of [faultroll]. He Tuned both of his monsters to bring out [hyunlei]. Its effect destroyed [pwwb], but Schuurman chained it, discarding Koa’ki Meiru Drago to return [faultroll] to the top of Steinberg’s deck. [hyunlei] attacked directly and play was back to Schuurman.

Schuurman only Set a Spell or Trap Card.

Steinberg had [fulhelmknight], trying to deal some damage, but [bom] stopped his monster.

Schuurman drew into another card and conceded, quickly grabbing his Side Deck to find some answers.


Victor Steinberg wins Duel 1!


Victor Steinberg's X-Saber deck seemed to be prepared for rogue strategies


Both players wasted no time and quickly proceded with the second game. Schuurman opened by Setting a card to each zone and passing.

Steinberg took a minute to consider his options. He decided to start with [cat] with Schuurman commenting that move: “Starting right off with the best!” [airbellum] and [darksoul] were Special Summoned, but [bth] got rid of the Tuner. Steinberg Set a Spell or Trap Card and lost [darksoul] during the End Phase (thanks to the effect of [cat]). He searched his deck for [faultroll] and added it to his hand.

Play was back to Schuurman. He drew [trunade], but opted to use [mst] for Steinberg’s face-down card, revealing it to be [bth]. He Summoned [wyvern], Flip Summoned [masked] and attacked with the searcher. Steinberg took 1400 damage, [wyvern] struck and Steinberg took another 1800 damage. Without any other plays, Schuurman passed.

Steinberg Set 2 Spell or Trap Cards as well as a Monster Card.

Schuurman first played [trunade], stripping Steinberg of his defenses and then Tributed both of his monsters for [ladd]! He attacked into [sangan], its effect being negated by [ladd], losing 400 ATK and DEF.

Steinberg had to think about his next move for a short time. He Summoned [rai oh], Set 2 Spell or Trap Cards and passed.

Schuurman declared an attack with [ladd] into [rai oh]. Steinberg activated [ro], causing the dragon to lose another 400 ATK and DEF and falling to [rai oh] as a result of battle. Schuurman was able to Summon [masked] thanks to the effect of [ladd], he Set a Spell or Trap Card in Main Phase 2 and passed.

[fulhelm] was Summoned to the field by Steinberg. He sent it into [masked], but Schuurman activated [cad], declaring [darksoul]. Steinberg opted to not use the effect of [fulhelm]. [masked] brought out another copy of itself, which fell to [rai oh] on the next attack. This time, Schuurman Special Summoned [debris] to the field. Steinberg Set another Spell or Trap Card and passed.


Cloak and Dagger as a unique tech from Schuurman


Schuurman added a face-down card to each of his zones and play was back to Steinberg.

He read over the effect of [cad] again. Then, [fulhelm] attacked [exploder] and Steinberg opted to Special Summon [darksoul]. Thanks to [cad], the monster was removed from game. Steinberg passed.

Schuurman passed without any actions and Steinberg did the same on his following turn.

Play was back to Schuurman and he activated [future]. Steinberg thought about that for a bit and let it resolve. Schuurman picked [fhd], sending 2 copies of [redmd], [prime], [wyvern] and [totem] to his Graveyeard. During his End Phase, he removed [wyvern] in his Graveyeard to Special Summon [redmd]!

Steinberg looked a little stunned. He simply set a monster and passed.

Schuurman was finally back in the game! He used the effect of [redmd] to bring back [prime]. Steinberg activated [tt], but the effect of [prime] allowed Schuurman to negate the trap by discarding [totem]. [redmd] attacked over [rai oh] and [prime] destroyed the Set [darksoul]. Schuurman passed, allowing Steinberg to search for [emmersblade].

With 6 cards in his hand, Steinberg had a couple of options. He Special Summoned [cd] and activated [needle], trying to wipe the field! Schuurman used the effect of [prime] to foil that plan. [storm] was next for Steinberg and Schuurman had to think about that for a bit. He had one card left in his hand and opted to risk it: He countered [storm] with [sj]! Steinberg had 4 cards left and Summoned [emmersblade]. He ran into [prime] and searched his deck for [airbellum]. In Main Phase 2, he Tuned both of his monsters to [rda]. He activated [trunade] to return [future] to Schuurman’s hand and passed.

“Game?”, asked Steinberg. Schuurman declared that he would bring back [exploder] with the effect of [redmd]. He explained the effect of the Special Summoned Monster and Steinberg nodded, showing that he understood he just lost the match.


Mathijs Schuurman equals the score!


Both players were quick to shuffle their decks with 13 minutes left on the clock.

Steinberg had a strong start with [monk], discarding [mst] to bring out [cat]. He Tributed the Beast to Summon [airbellum] and [darksoul] to the field. He Special Summoned [faultroll]! Next, he Tuned [airbellum] and [darksoul] to [brionac], then used the effect of [faultroll] to bring back [airbellum] and finally Tuned [airbellum] and [monk] to [urbellum], concluding his turn after Setting 2 Spell or Trap Cards! Schuurman looked rather impressed, while Steinberg searched his deck thanks to [darksoul].


A huge opening from Steinberg left Schuurman without a chance!


Things would go even worse for the Dutch Duelist with Steinberg revealing [dustshoot] in his Standby Phase. Schuurman revealed his hand and extended his arm, knowing that there was no way for him to win this game.


Victor Steinberg wins the Match!


Thanks to an amazing start in the last Duel, Victor Steinberg was able to overcome the tricky deck of Mathijs Schuurman, leaving him no option but to concede right away.

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