Round 3: Top Tables Update

18.03.2017 | 14:30 |

We right in the middle of Round 3 of YCS Prague. Even though the event has just started here’s a brief overview of what is going on at the top tables.

TT Rd 3 1
At table 1 Bradley Haywood is currently facing Kim Just Jensen. Bradley is piloting a Zoodiac Deck whereas Kim is running a 60-card Infernoid build.


TT Rd 3 4
Table 2 hosts Joao Cesar vs. Anthony Allsopp. Both are running rather “conventional” Zoodiac builds.


TT Rd 3 2
At table 3 we have Patrik Malmquist and his 60-card Invoked Deck. He is facing Fabian Falzberger with a Zoodiac Deck. This is explosivness versus consistency it seems.


TT Rd 3 6
At table 4 Lucas Waser built a very impressive field using a Metalfoes Deck. His opponent is Gerardo De Clerq and is running Infernid with That Grass Looks Greener.


TT Rd 3 7
Marvin Weber is currently the highest ranked Kozmo Duelist. Yes, you heard it right: Kozmo in 2017. He is facing Charley Smadja with a Zoodiac Deck. Is the old strategy still strong enough? We will see!


TT Rd 3 8
Joshua Oosters is piloting a Burning Abyss build. His opponent in Round 3 is Andrea Militano from Italy with a Zoo Deck. Another “old” archetype trying to take on the new guys. Is Burning Abyss still a force in today’s metagame?


TT Rd 3 9
I was watching a rather odd Duel at table 8. Anthony Vale (Zoo) is facing Shaun Spackman (Invoked) and both had all the answers so nobody was able to build a good field. It turned out to become a beatdown game.


TT Rd 3 10
Marcus Ido sitting at table 9 is facing Jordan Gallacher. Marcus is running an Invoked build and his opponent relys on Paleozoics.


TT Rd 3 11
Table 10 shows as Metalfoes vs. Zombies. A rather odd Match-Up that we don’t get to see very often these days. Cards like That Grass Looks Greener and Minerva, Lightsworn Maiden making it possible.